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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be completely free?

So did we.

Hi, we are Tamra & Miles, travellers on a journey in our ageing motorhome with one simple destination… FREEDOM. Having been nudged, or should we say more accurately, ‘shoved’, into a very different gear in our lives as newly weds of different nationalities disallowed to be together, as you will see from our story, we are now discovering how to live an ‘on the road’, “find our way as we go’ alternative lifestyle.

OnlineOffgrid - Poems and Inspirations - To Be Free Is...
We decided that, rather than venturing into the “mid-life crisis” era that we had heard about, we had had an awakening. We have an opportunity to break free from “the matrix”. That as we move into the afternoon of our lives, we are not at the beginning of the end… we are at the end of the beginning.

Why are we telling you this?

Throughout our journey, many people have been intrigued by our journey, choices we’ve made, and asking for tips on how we have made it work. So, we decided to share all… warts n’ all, including…
How we:
  • fix our motorhome as we go
  • overcome challenges as they come
  • experience new adventures as they appear
  • find ways to pay for food and gas
  • make healthy (and delicious) meals on a budget
  • say the most rediculous things... RECORDED ("Seriously, you did NOT just say that!" series)
Join us as we share our learnings along the way… so you can benefit and share too as we help others by paying it forward.