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Here’s the TRUTH about us…




Do you ever wonder… “Why me”?

We’re on a journey to find freedom. And what’s interesting about that is that, in truth… we certainly didn’t know exactly what freedom is, and we are still on that quest.

Society teaches… what freedom should be. But we don’t agree with that… to work your tail off for a while, and then… have freedom when you’re 70+, little time to enjoy it and, possibly, need a helping-hand to the toilet.

Wow they say that’s what freedom is? Well..

The cycle we’re all put on to “Educate, Qualify, Work, Retire, Die” is basically it (in simple terms). And that’s what the government wants because that’s how they make the money.

The Matrix, in reality… sadly!

We’re trapped in the Matrix and our sense of freedom.

Whilst we don’t know what freedom is… we know what it isn’t. And it’s not being part of the mad hat world… of the Matrix… and just conforming to what society wants us to do, which doesn’t let us do what we really want to do!

So we’re going to discover WHAT freedom is… and we’re going to share what we find “Freedom to be” for us. and see if that resonates with you. And to see if it’s something you might want…

One of the key things we want to do here with Online Off-grid, and it is our strap line is… we are “Freedom Finders”! And in doing so, we want to help others find their freedom to. Whatever “Freedom” may be for them!

Some forms of “freedom” we have already found ourselves… (and/or are still seeking) include:

  • Peace in our minds
  • Freedom to surround ourselves with ONLY those who love and celebrate us
  • Time freedom to walk, hike and enjoy nature
  • Health and wellness freedom
  • Freedom from religion

Now if that means that needs some sort of financial way to find that freedom, then we’re going to be looking at ways to get out of the rat race. We talk about this in our video, the 80-hour week… even the 40-hour week, or 4 days a week, whatever that might be that work hours work around you, not the other way round. We talk about ways to finance that lifestyle, as we find ways ourselves to do it!

Plus, we will share those too!

See you soon…

Tamra & Miles

Freedom Finders

Online Offgrid

Here’s our dialouge from the video . . .


I’m Miles and I’m Tamra… and welcome to Online Offgrid!

We’re on a journey to find freedom. And what’s interesting about that is that in truth… I certainly don’t know exactly what freedom is?

Society teaches… what freedom should be. But I don’t agree with that… to work your tail off for a while, and then …have freedom when you’re 70.

Wow they say that’s what freedom is? Well I guess you’re right.
I guess the cycle we’re all put on to “Educate, Qualify, Work, Retire, Die,” is basically (in simple terms) is it. And that’s what the government wants because that’s how they make the money.

The Matrix, in reality. Sadly… It is!

We’re trapped in the Matrix and our sense of freedom. Whilst we don’t know what freedom is… we know what it isn’t. Yes. And it’s not being part of the mad hat world… of the Matrix… and just conforming to what society wants us to do, which doesn’t let us do what we really want to do! So we’re going to discover WHAT freedom is… and we’re going to share what we find “Freedom to be”! And see if that resonates with you. And to see if it’s something you might want… Because one of the key things we want to do, as Online Off-grid, and it is our strap line is… we are “Freedom Finders”! And in doing so, we want to help others find their freedom to. Whatever that “Freedom” may be! Now if that means that needs some sort of… financial way to find that freedom? Then we’re going to be looking at ways to get out of the rat race, you talked about this, the 80-hour week… even the 40-hour week. Even 4 days a week, whatever that might be… ways to finance that. As we find ways to do it! Plus, we will share those too!

And how to live simpler… When you don’t want 7 Porsches… and a home too large to clean! Yes. And instead the World is Our Backyard!

Yes! NOT that we have… or ever had, by the way… I think what’s important to know is that we have we’re not here living a free… you know, on some sort of massive Bank of savings. We’ve got literally nothing. We’re in a 20-year old camper van… which you’ll see, here. And that’s all we could afford. And we are finding our way… Realizing that we’ve had to take the leap of faith to make us take the steps necessary to make it all work. So we are finding ways to make money… as we go.

Yes, and it’s a journey, ups and downs, pendulums, rollercoaster rides… absolutely.

And not just us, the motorhome’s had a couple of rollercoaster rides itself, so yes… So we’re going to share all! Yes!

So, to get to know us a little more… Was born and raised in Mankato, Minnesota. in the USA, (northern, mid, United States). I was raised I was raised in a very small town. Raised as a very strict Lutheran…

Lutheran is a very very strict Christian, religion, faith. Restricting… kind of like Catholic style strict. Yes, possibly even more…

but I am grateful for that… I still believe in God and the Bible but not in organized religion. So yes, was born and raised there, then after graduation High School I moved to New England. That was a long, rough 15 years of life… At the end of that went through a horrible… beyond miserable divorce… court proceedings… for years… Hell. I lived through hell, basically. I left with nothing. I then moved on to Texas… left my entire life there… left my daughter, sadly,
just went through a whole lot. 🙁
My family came against me, it was a hard time. But, then went on to Texas, lived there for years…

Well, I’m just wondering… rather than just skate over that, because my it might sound like… “How could you possibly leave your daughter?” There’s so much more to this… some that we can and can’t say… what I would say, and I think is worth mentioning here, is that the family, Tamra’s own family, came against her in the preference to a now ex-husband, for the custody (of her daughter). And in America it’s a very very different system, we have harsh systems in most legal divorces anyway, but America’s is just ridiculous, and what was judged was just beyond belief. What Tamra has been through, is just beyond belief, I’m not saying anybody out there who’s been through divorce and a similar sort of thing doesn’t go through hell, my goodness it is all hell… this is just a slightly different way of, coming to the point of not being allowed any custody at all, now put that in the mix… When you’ve been through a divorce before and you’ve had to to arrange custody, and have had a custody arrangement that works for both parties as best it can, then fine… and of course it has to work best for kids. Well in this case, the court judged that Tamra wasn’t allowed to see her daughter at all. So, I just had to say that…

Yes, I’m wearing sunglasses, and have tears in my eyes (for my daughter). So yes, sadly, painstakingly, walked… walked away, left that situation… because it was beyond miserable. It was beyond imagination and I’m eventually I’m going to write a book… and I… Yeah, I don’t know what else to say about that, but I know I’ll share more… but…

So you moved onto Texas…

Yes, I moved onto Texas and worked for a nonprofit, religious organization which, they helped me through the previous hell of my life, but… I had no self worth… I over worked (myself). I don’t want to say I was overworked because I was a grown-up, I chose to allow that.

Yes, you chose slavery, basically.

Yes, I chose to work holidays… 18 hours a day… To give… I mean we should…

…which you do when you volunteer for an organization. I mean, there are volunteer organizations… and there are volunteer organizations… this wasn’t quite like that however…

I gave my life.

Yes, you gave your life to that. Which is where I can chip in here, because that’s where our lives joined. Because… I mean I had a very different upbringing, I guess, because yours was very much like life on the Prarie. Yes. Exactly! Where her mother was the teacher of the little schoolhouse, of only one room and only so many students. Yes, it really was… have you ever seen Little House on the Prairie.

That is how I was raised.

That wasn’t just a fictitious show to us, it was real. Now I had a very different kind of upbringing… my parents decided that… well, I’m the youngest of three, and decided that we’re (all) going to go to boarding schools. So my dad went across to the Middle East to work for the oil companies just to make the money to afford it because it’s not cheap… and at the ripe old age of six and a half, I started boarding school and… I won’t go into the ins and outs of that, because there’s a whole life there… going through up to O-level in the public school, at a place called Repton, in Derbyshire. Which is a fantastic school and I met some fantastic people and in touch with still some of them now! And after that I eventually… I kind of got lost and I will go into the story another time because it started off with my mother dying when I was 10, not really coming to terms with that and it disrupted my life to a degree. My dad then remarried to a family that should really never been involved with us, and that’s nothing against them at all at all it just didn’t really work out. But I got lost. And, in the end I found a place where I felt I belonged along my journey, and that was in the Royal Air Force, where at again the ripe old age of 18 just I joined the Royal Air Force and so for 12 years working with the most incredible squadron as an electrical technician on the AWACS, which is, in fact I’ll show you this picture here if you don’t know what one of those is, and it was the best in the world! Best in the world job at the time and again meeting the most incredible people who were literally depending on each other in sometimes somewhat life-threatening situations… but otherwise just in in situations where we had to go to Wars and stuff like that and support our aircraft as we did. And so I came out of that I decided that that wasn’t where I belong it wasn’t the end of my journey certainly wasn’t where I was going to stay. And I left and started a business in the online marketing web world, having sort of converted my knowledge from electrical side of things, electronics over to a sort of more business architecture and IT… around the end of the 90s when it was coming back in after crash, in fact. Anyway, so I then… fast track forward, I was in working those businesses… again not happy, working, slaving away all those hours to build a business to to make a kind of minimum amount. Employees earning more than we were, just just wasn’t really working, which may point out I was not necessarily the best businessman then. Well, there are successful businesses… and mine was a success in our results, but not necessarily in happiness. And that was the KEY thing. And I then decided to give everything up… and I sold lots. I gave bucket loads away… to walk away with two suitcases… to jump on a jet… to go and volunteer for the company I was my client from an online marketing point of view (for the previous year), and to go and volunteer for the same organization that Tamara was working for, and that’s when the joining of our journeys and the joining of our lives commenced!

Yes! I looked you up on Facebook, and saw that you were in the RAF… and I was very impressed! So yes, we met there and that’s another story…

…which we will go into another time, because it didn’t turn out quite what we thought so… there’s another whole drama there the roller coaster right that we had, but it led us to where we are now through what we’ve already talked about in terms of the visa journey and the visa application journey and our nudge into nature!

Yes and and looking back I am… we are learning to be grateful, and so I say “Bless everyone” in my first 40 years of life! Because family… I do want to say, not every family member of mine came against me, but none of them did come support me either.

And haven’t done since.

But… “Bless them all”, they’re on their own journey and so I’ve learned a lot, I’ve learned to be able to walk away from blood relatives even though it’s such a strong “organization” where people always believe you have to stay with your family stay with their “blood” (relatives), it means more than anything and I’ve learned no, it doesn’t… sometimes if they are not “for” you and completely against you, WALK AWAY! It’s not worth it.

Oh, absolutely!

So… then from everyone, just bless them all, they’re on their journey, send them love! Yes. Like Wayne Dyer says, send everyone love!

Love to everyone that have supported us… and to those that haven’t… have actually helped us to steer. So, yeah not all family has supported us, some family has which is fantastic to have those with us on our journey and in our minds always. In fact we’ve made the most incredible friends, who know the truth,… and saw through to the truth, sometimes when we were even denying it ourselves… and we were blaming ourselves. Again, that self-worth thing… and we realize that we are worth more than… whatever “that” is. And we’re not talking a net worth here, we’re talking a real life, human worth. So that’s where we got to today and there’s so much more to share…

Yes, and one additional thing… when I was 30 (I believe)… I had a depleted disc in my sacrum… and couldn’t walk, couldn’t stand up, went to a chiropractor over and over… I would get a little better, and then it got worse but now I run and jump on trampolines, and we go on hikes…

And sometimes dance like a monkey. You may have seen!

(I’m better!)

Which is absolutely, I don’t like using words like miracle… but what else do you put to it? Every other source of knowledge and expertise failed to cure that… and you cured yourself!

And doctors said to me… “There’s NO cure to this! There might be in a few years, we might come up with one… but there’s no hope for you.”

In other words, embrace a life of paralysis. Yes, really… in effect. And yet you cured yourself… And again that’s another story which we’ll go into, because it’s just it’s just opened my eyes to how powerful we are, just as a biological makeup… that we can just do anything… achieve anything… and, there you go! So, that’s a little bit more about us… obviously like everybody’s lives, there’s so much much more. And, if there’s anything you want to know… Ask! Yes, ask us, because there’ll be lots of bits that we missed out… but we thought we wouldn’t go into too much detail for now… But, we’ll tell more as we go.

We will, and as Dr. Wayne Dyer says, we’re not WHAT we are… I don’t define myself as what I do, or past that I’ve been through. And I’ve learned a lot, I have strong characteristics, I’m greater than who I was twenty, ten, two years ago and so who I am is… a spiritual being on a physical… What does he say?

You are a spirit, having a physical experience.

Yes. I am my characteristics, I am… I’m not a job definition, or past…

Well none of us are! I thinks that’s why I came to conclusion, because there are two main things we’ve been following lately… My Map to Freedom, which is something is absolute fantastic, and Dr. Wayne Dyer who has an amazing way of explaining things in a non forceful, non aggressive way about who we are, and why we are, and why we strive for what we strive for… some of them strive for why, and he greatly explains why there isn’t a “why” as such, or the whys wrapped into something else, and that we are what we are because of who we are not what we do! We’re not who we are because of our qualifications that doesn’t make us the people we are. It helps us open doors that we open but they’re not necessarily the doors that you want to open. I’ve suddenly realized I’ve closed some doors on things that I have had to qualify for and thank goodness those doors are closed, because when those were closed… others opened… and have led to doing some of the most amazing things and being free as we are today, whilst we’re still finding our way! We still have to find a way to make money to live… that’s gonna be an ongoing journey we’ll share too… so there we go!

That’s a little bit more about us… and as more becomes relevant, to what we’re doing, and what we used to do, then we’ll bring those up too. It’d be lovely to hear from you and your stories to find out what you’re up to. And any questions you have, just throw them our way!

So for us, this is not the beginning of the end… It’s the end of the beginning!

And we realized that we were opening a door to a new chapter on our journey, and to do that we realized that means closing
one or two…

or more…

In fact yes, we’ve had to close quite a few doors and we also learned that it was only by closing those doors that the one that really counted was open.

So… come join us! We’re on Facebook, and YouTube, and

See you soon!
Tamra & Miles
Freedom Finders
Online Offgrid

How to Buy a Used Motorhome / Campervan

How To Buy a Used Motorhome Campervan 101.1 – M.O.T. History and PROOF of Mileage

Online Offgrid - 101.1 - Gov_UK website to determine MOT STATUS of Vehicle

How to buy a Used Camper / Motorhome

101.1 M.O.T. History
and Proof of Mileage

3 essential checks to do before even viewing your dream motorhome / camper van!

Don’t travel the lengths and breadths of the country to view that rare find, before you know the condition and structural integrity of the vehicle… only to find that it has FAILED vital safety checks during its M.O.T. History.

Now you can use this 3 easy step-by-step video guide to determine all the vehicles M.O.T. repair history and whether the mileage is genuine… BEFORE you go to view what looks like your dream motorhome or campervan from a few carefully taken photos on social media or sales websites. It is well worth it.

We travelled 5 hours from Wales to Cornwall only to discover we had not done our due diligence on the vehicle docs! In fact we were so tired from the whole day that we even stayed over a night and travelled back the next day.

Save yourself days by spending just 14 minutes watching this video!

Also,once we had done the research to create this video, we dug further and found other essential things we wished we had also done. Please do view 101.2 and 101.3 in the “How to Buy a Used Motorhome / Campervan – 101” video series that are included in our 20+ video series on “How to Buy a Used Motorhome / Campervan”!

Click the links below:

How to buy a Used Motorhome 101.2 – Checking Vehicle Identification & Service History – Is It LEGAL! >

How To Buy USED Motorhome 101.3 – Is it STOLEN, FINANCED, WRITTEN OFF Check BEFORE going to view it >

See you soon…

Miles & Tamra

Online Offgrid

Here’s our dialogue from the video . . .

How To Buy a USED Motorhome-Campervan 101.1 – MOT History Checks

Hi and welcome to the “How to Buy a USED Motorhome or Campervan 101” video series!

We’re going to share with you some of the essentials that you can do to avoid making the mistakes that we made, that cost us 5,000 pounds over the cost of the motorhome and counting…

So, we’re going to show you step by step how you can know more about your motorhome or camper van… before even going to view it and without the seller even knowing!

And you know the saying, “You don’t know what you don’t know…”?

We’re going to show you what you can know without the seller knowing what you know.

So let’s get started!

There are some great checks you can do which are all online, so you can do it before you even go and view the vehicle and can determine even if it’s worth looking at never mind… purchasing.

So first of all, if you go to a browser, (while online), and check out the website that’s coming on-screen now which is the other check the MOT status of a vehicle (at, it’s a fantastic facility that’s the government DVLA website that tells you everything you need to know and they are obligated to do so and all the MOT testers are required by law to submit the information after testing the vehicle to the database.

So everything you need to know from a certain point (a certain year…), obviously they didn’t use to always do MOT’s electronically, but from a certain point, for many many years now, you’ll better check back to the history of a vehicle.

1: MOT Status – Online Check

First of all check to type that in, ( and you’ll see this screen here… which is the start now screen, click the green start now button, enter the registration number of the vehicle, (so if you know the vehicle registration of the vehicle then pop that in here)… if by any chance you have found that the images that you’ve looked at online have been a number plate obscured… it is a bit of a scary thing to consider…

“Why have they obscured the number plate?” It may be for legitimate reasons of securing the identity of the vehicle and therefore the location identity of themselves… so if that is the case then great, phone them up (phone that seller up) and say, “Look I’m really interested in your vehicle I want to do some research and back background checks on the vehicle… Can you please tell me the registration number?” And then you can type that number it into this window, click continue, and you’ll then be taken to the next screen.

It’ll just do a double check with you that this is the vehicle you are searching for… so it’ll display the registration number you’ve typed in, and it should then match the make and color of the vehicle. If it does match it then select the yes button and then click the green continue button.

Once you do that you’ll be taken through to a detail screen and that will give you the overall overview of the vehicle… is it taxed, and it is MOT’d. So that’s the other thing you can find out is… how how long is the tax going to last? As you know even with the pictures… that the vehicles don’t require a tax disk in the window so you can’t even zoom in and find out. So here it’ll tell you whether it’s been taxed and when that expires and if the MOT is actually still active and when that expires!

Plus, you get to see some of the more general details about the vehicle to make sure it is the one that is being advertised.

2: MOT History – Online Check

Then, on the right-hand side of the screen, you’ll see a list of links… and in the second batch of links where it says DVSA services, you’ll see “Check the MOT history”… so if you click that or just go directly to the address I’m putting on the screen now, which is the check MOT history address at the same website (, then you’ll be taken to another page where you will have to enter the vehicle registration details in again, and click the green continue button. Now that will then take you to a much more comprehensive listing of each of the MOTs histories every single test it’s taken for a considerable number of years.

And as you’ll see from here it is a history that goes as far back as 2005, so it’s a good sort of 14 or 15 years worth of information, and you should by then know what’s exactly wrong with the vehicle.

So let’s now look at the actual rap sheet… the history here of the MOT.

You’ll see the way it has passes… and you’ll see where has fails.

Fails are noted in bright red letters, and the interesting thing to note here is is how far apart are the fails and the passes?

So for instance… when I show you this window here… you’ll see that the “Fail” which was on the 20th of June… it didn’t then “Pass” until the 19th of July. And what you’ve got to assess is, by looking at the amount of work that was done, did it warrant that much time being taken in between? Or was it a case of just couldn’t get it booked in…

And as you can see from this list there were a vast array of things that needed fixing, probably somewhat expensive that needed to be done before it would pass again… So there’s an example there of a full listing here of things it’s failed on.

And it’s a good opportunity to check just how severe those things are… things like registration plate lamp, just minor things… just old connections got rusty… and they can just be cleaned off and repaired.

It’s when you start to see things like upper brake hose excessively damaged… well some of the brake hoses are metal not necessarily rubber, so that’s something that is absolutely fatal in terms of brake failing! And as mentioned before, one of the things we didn’t check was precisely that… and within 300 miles of buying a vehicle our brakes failed on us. And it was nearly fatal!

So here you’ll see other things which also are considerable fails… else offside front suspension component mounting prescribed area excessively corroded significantly reducing structural strength, and we will see that’s on the offside front suspension and near side suspension and offside front suspension another mounting again is significantly corroded. So these are big issues we’re regarding the strength of this chassis and all the components attached to it.

So you ought to find out from the paperwork now that’s provided in terms of servicings and any repares done what was done to repair issues like that.

Now, as you’ll see from the next testings… you’re just going further back and further back, now there’s another “Fail.” So it passed on the 29th of April, it was the 30th of March when it failed and it didn’t pass again. And again you’ll see, another list of things it’s failed on… it’s smaller however what I would suggest is that you just check to see if there are any repeat failing items that are a good year apart. And as you see here, rear brake hose ferrule excessively corroded… so you’ve got more brake hoses and brake brake issues here that need to be considered and checked severely when you go on to see the vehicle to check that they are repaired and also they’re no longer corroded.

But again, you know that they’ve been done… they have passed though these things would never get through a MOT unless they had been repaired. Another example here going further back down to 2015 so you’ve got a 17th of March fail, and then it was a 31 of March by the time it was booked in again and repaired for those things… and again what’s happened here is, written… brake hose has slight corrosion. So again we’re going back in time here, you’ll see that these things are starting to get slight corrosion.

Now you’ll see that there are things that are reasons for failure and things that are advisory notices. In other words they won’t fail it but they are being brought up as things you should know about… that’s their legal requirement to let you know.

So again, what are you looking for in terms of things like… “bearings have slight play,” that happens, and that can be all tightened up. And… front disc brake discs worn on a vehicle, in these old dates, that is going to happen and that’s fine. Just check what’s being done and repaired, ready for the next MOT test.

And then, what you want to see really… is a long stream of “Passes!”

So as you see here, year after year around about the same month, it’s actually passed its its MOTs and you can then get a little bit more confidence! And naturally, the older the vehicle is it’s going to start to show fails…

3: Yearly Mileage – Online Check
Now, one of the really important things to look out for in terms of the validity of mileage and things like that of the vehicle!

So if we look at the oldest date here, now you’ll see that the last recorded electronic MOT test here is 17th of May 2005, and the vehicle was driven 26,853 miles. So as you go up through the ages… you can now see how many miles were driven every year on the vehicle.

And the reason why we’re doing this is that it may well say it’s got 40 or 50 or 60,000 miles on the clock… but what’s really useful is to know how much was it used (driven) each year? Was there an extended period of time where it was stood doing nothing for a long time… and could that also reflect in when the vehicles MOT fail (happened or) comes up on the screen as well?

So you’ve got 30,000 miles in August 2006, and in August 2007 it has 30,244 miles, so in a year this vehicle has barely done 150 miles…

Now going into the next batch which is 2008, the same time it’s done 32,749 miles… so it’s only been driven around about 500 miles in that year.

Then as we go back up into the years, so 2009 it’s done 34 34,000 so again, it’s not done many miles, if you look at the comparison there it’s done around about 1,500 miles.

Now in 2010, a year later, it’s done 35,829… so again I run another say 1500 miles.

The next year, in 2011, it’s up to 36,447 miles, that’s done just under thousand miles that year (it’s roundabout 600 miles driven that year).

Now the next year, in 2012, it’s done 37,861 miles… so it’s only done about 1,400 miles that year.

So you get the picture… you’re looking at how many miles is actually doing every year, because that’s imperative when you start to establish how long it’s been standing.

So let’s now quickly look four times it’s been stood for a long long long long time… so here it’s done 40,000 miles in 2014, in 2015 it’s only done 600 or 700 miles… its then failed this MOT and then passed again. In 2016, it’s only has 40,969, which is almost no mileage at all… and then the next it failed again, which it does make sense in terms of what it has failed on… The next year 2017 it has done only, crikey, it’s only done 40 or 50 mile… sorry, maybe 100 miles in that whole year. And then looking at the later years, in 2018 it failed as we can see, and it’s only done 41,000 miles there… and as we look at the last one in 19th of July which is another month after that it’s only done 41,000 miles.

So over that whole four year period it’s only done a couple of thousand miles… which is great when you’re looking for a low mileage vehicle! That said, these these are old vans… and they’re metal like anything else and it will corrode…

And if it’s been in England and in certain wet periods and it’s been sat in the damp or winter periods of the year… it’s going to corrode and not being used doesn’t help the vehicle. Now I’m not talking just about the van itself, but as a Motorhome the home and Caravan area is going to suffer when those items are not being used… the gas items, the electrical items… the electrical checks… and all those sorts of things that you want to be doing all these things have been sat doing nothing for a long time and not being cleaned, and not being maintained, potentially…

So these are things to look out for! Now, onto another example here of something that is a scary ”Fail” of a completely different vehicle, something to definitely question the seller about and it’s a potential value change in the sale price, so let’s look at that one.

You can see a an August 2015 MOT and the vehicles 110,000 miles… that’s a lot of mileage for a motorhome, definitely… but the good thing is that it’s actually done a fair bit of mileage.

Here you want to look at things like… here we see the offside front outer body or chassis has excessive corrosion seriously affecting its strength within 30 centimeters of the body mountings step. Now that’s something really to be considered as part of the value of the vehicle and just how dangerous it is, because when they start putting it within a certain distance of a critical point in the vehicle, you want to make sure that that has then been taken care of… that it’s been either welded or it’s been fortified in some way and then passing the MOT. And hopefully in the following years if this is 2015 that by 2018 you’re not seeing that come up again.

If we look at the next one, you’ll see in October of 2018, three years later that again you’ve got some offside front suspension and areas of corrosion which are considered to bridge significantly reducing the structural strength of the what’s called the outrigger. So again, if you don’t know what that is, then maybe just get someone to check with you… an expert to find out how close is that to the other areas of excessive corrosion and what does it give you as a picture of the vehicle?

Once again though, look this has done 110,000 miles in 2015, and 119,000 miles by 2018 so it’s done 9 thousand miles in those three years… which is on average three thousand a year which is is okay… but again for a vehicle that’s only doing three thousand miles a year it’s been stood for most of the year, probably used in the warmer months of the year, it’s not more like it being stood doing nothing in the winter months and that’s when a corrosion hits.

So there’s a couple of screen shots… if you go to the MOT status you can get the rundown as we saw… and then if you go to the MOT history it gives you a very very detailed list of all the MOTs it has had that’s been recorded in the MOT status and history section of the government DVLA website.

So their you go… really good things to check! And what you want to do now is look at your service history that comes with a vehicle and all the receipts for any works and repairs done during those processes but during those services all in between to look out for things that haven’t been done properly, have been done more recently, and were part of the MOT passing process.

CHECK OUT our next video in the series…

Is the vehicle you have your eye on legal, really owned by the seller AND is the Service History genuine?

How to buy a Used Motorhome 101.2 – Checking Vehicle Identification & Service History – Is It LEGAL! – Online Offgrid

See you later,
Miles and Tamra
Online Offgrid


How to Buy a Used Motorhome / Campervan

How To Buy a Used Motorhome Campervan 101.2 – Checking VIN and Service History – Is it LEGAL!

Online Offgrid - How to buy a campervan 101_2

How to buy a Used Camper / Motorhome

Checking Vehicle Identification & Service History – Is It LEGAL!

Ever wondered if the Service History is FULL or FONY? It PAYS to check it out.

We didn’t and we bought our first ever motorhome TO LIVE IN and MOVE INTO within a week of buying. It cost us nearly £5K to get it up to the standard the seller “promised” it was in. How naive were we???

We know we made some rather silly mistakes. And this time was no different… leading with the heart, not the head for this one. We just loved it as it “appeared” to be so much we didn’t dig enough and follow due diligence

Miles: “I can hear my Dad saying that now, from the grave!”

So… here is the next in the essential 101 series. 101.2 – How to check that the vehicle documentation is GENUINE and LEGAL, AND if the Service History is FULL or FONY!

Hope you have a smoother buying process for your Used Motorhome / Campervan! In fact, I can be pretty certain that if you follow this guide, you will be lowering the risk significantly. Whether it is for a casual ‘few times a year holiday home on the move’ motorhome or campervan, they cost way more than you think, and you connect and bond with them more than you think you would.

Also, while doing this research for you, it dawned on us that there was one more vital check to do. This will make sure you can keep it (on the road OR off it) once you buy it and the seller has walked off with your cash!

Please do view our 101.3 in the “How to Buy a Used Motorhome / Campervan – 101” video series that are included in our 20+ video series on “How to Buy a Used Motorhome / Campervan”:

101.3 – by OnlineOffgrid – CHECK if the vehicle has been STOLEN, Owned by a Finance Company, CRASHED or WRITTEN-OFF – BEFORE you go to view it

See you soon…

Miles & Tamra

Online Offgrid

Here’s our dialogue from the video . . .

How To Buy a USED Motorhome-Campervan 101.2 – VIN & Service History Checks

Tamra: Following on from 101.1 where we talked about… what… what did you talk about? (LOL)

Miles: Okay, so 101.1 was about how you can check online before even going to view the vehicle of your dreams… certain aspects of things that failed on the MOT.

There’s all sorts of history things you need to check before you even go… so this is on to 101.2 where we now talk about some of the vehicle documentation that you can start…

Tamra: Wait! Don’t tell them what we’re going to say… “Just watch the video!” 🙂

1: Log Book (V5C) – FORGERY Test
Miles: Things to check on the v5c logbook documentation is, as you see in this picture, you’ve got a number of pages to this and the first thing to do is to make sure this document (the V5C logbook) is actually legal.

Yes… just like bank notes, people tend to forge these and then change the identification numbers like the VIN number on the vehicle to match the documents and you think you’ve got yourself a legal vehicle. It’s not always the case, so the tell-tale signs are to hold up the opened out document to the light and you’ll see there is a watermark that says DVL in capital letters on every single page.

Make sure that’s present on every single page… and then, in the first inside page you will see in the top right-hand circle, under the V5C(W) in brackets, there is a number and it’s usually preceded by the letter “B”. What you’re looking for here is to make sure it is a “B”… and that the numbers after that either have a “G” like “BG8…” or “BG9…” and there are seven digits after it…

Or it could be “B123…” or “B128…” (or similar) and again there are the same number of digits so in this case there are 8 numbers that go with the letter “B” so that just means that it is a legitimate serial number that’s been provided by the DVLA as well.

The next thing to check on there is the address… so the address of the registered keeper will be in this second inside page, in the green section, and one thing to note about the registered keeper is that the registered keeper is not necessarily the owner. So, if you can get hold of the sellers driving license or something that proves their address, to make sure their name and their address matches what is on the registered keeper area of this document… then at least you know you’re talking to both the owner and the registered keeper. If it doesn’t match, then find out who the actual owner is because that person is the only person who can consent to the sale, not the registered keeper.

So you go, those are sort of things to look out for on the V5C and you’ll see also in certain cases the mileage of the vehicle at last time of purchase and it will also tell you how many owners the vehicle has had since it was registered originally at its own vehicles birthdate.

So take a look at those and how many owners that has because that can sometimes have a reflection on the value of the vehicle as well.

2: VIN Number – Validity Check
If you don’t know where a VIN number is on a vehicle then the easiest place to check is Google!

Pop into the Google, in the search window… search for “VIN number on a Ford Transit,” click return and what you’ll see is a typical list in the results.

What I tend to do is pop to the images link… so in the image to link near the top, click that… and then just look for something that resembles a plaque or a plate with numbers on it.

Here you can see a few examples here and you can see also that they’re actually part of a Ford Transit Forum in this particular case which is really useful. So if you click on that link one of those links to the Ford Transit Forum it’ll pop open.

And the great thing about Ford Transit forum or any forum that has to do with any particular vehicle is people that are on there who are usually experts, or have experience and just want to help!

So what you can see is an enlarged image of a VIN number that’s stamped here that she looks like it’s somewhere in the engine bay… here it’s on the window… and here is one that’s somewhere else in the vehicle…

If you read some of the captions it says here, “Ignore the plate under the bonnet” and also a good point here is to “Ignore the one that’s on the engine, that’s an engine ID number not a vehicle identification number… the VIN.”

So we’re looking for here, as it says here, is the chassis number which is also the VIN number, on the plate here on the dash, and inside the passenger door for the Ford Transit. (It will be in different places for different vehicles and you’ll find that out as you search.)

Now, what you’re looking for is the long digit number here, which starts “WFO” that long digit number there is what you want to check is the same if there is an etching on the windscreen… if there is a plaque that’s on the dashboard somewhere… and make sure that all three of those match the number, the VIN number, that is printed on the V5C document. That’s the most essential thing to make sure that vehicle is a genuine, once you have determined that the log book itself is genuine too, from what we said before.

Now sure how to check the M.O.T. Status & History online?
Check out: How to Buy a USED Camper / Motorhome 101.1

If you haven’t managed to identify where the VIN number is by the time you go to visit the vehicle… then what you can do is get the maintenance documents that come with a vehicle and in there you’ll see in the index, (I’m showing here) that they’re the pages where it is on the Fiat Ducato. And you’ll see it tells you where the the vehicle identification number labels are positioned in the vehicle.

3: Service History – FULL or FONY?
Now… onto the vehicles servicing history. Every vehicle should come with a history stamps or a list of receipts that have been provided by the dealerships or servicing locations. In this case you’re seeing an image here that is either going to be in the service book that comes in the pack (where the manual is and other information regarding the vehicle), or it could be in the aftercare pamphlet which is where I found the vehicle servicing history for this mobile home.

Now, in that pamphlet, you’ll see there are pages where all the stamps provide you with the dates that the servicing was carried out, the mileage of the vehicle at that time, very mineral information as to what has been done, and the address and stamp and hopefully a signature of the dealership or authorized repair center that did the servicing.

First of all you’ll see whether the engine oil has been changed as well, that’s an important one, it doesn’t have to happen every single servicing… it’s all due to the number of mileage allowance that you have for that a particular oil fill.

And one of the key things you’re looking for here is when was the cam belt changed?

Because the cam belt is one of those items on a vehicle that should it fail, it can be catastrophic and completely ruin the engine, it’s a complete engine change in many cases… so you wanna make sure that’s being changed. A cam belt has a life from 40,000 and up to 60,000 miles… or four to ten years.

Now that’s a very wide range depending on the vehicle, and the cam belt is fitted to those vehicles so it’s a very wide range so it’s very much worth checking your manual that comes with the vehicle or with a service center or dealership that deals with this particular model and asking them what the life of that cam belt is.

It’s just too important and it is not one or the other… it’s when the first one happens. So if it’s only done 10,000 miles but it’s been 10 or 12 years, and that’s the life of that belt, then it really is essential that it gets changed.

In this case, as you’ll see on this servicing on the fourth of January 2016, at the mileage of 40,950, it says cam belt kit and oil change as well… and you can see the name of the test center that did it.

Now if you are not absolutely convinced that this has been done… or that any of these stamps are not looking completely genuine, then don’t be afraid to get your phone out and call that test center… call that garage… phone them up, tell them your vehicle registration and the mileage at the time, and what they have listed as being done.

The other way to check this is that what the a seller should have is accompanying documentation… all the receipts and listings of all work done at every service point, (just as due diligence), and it’ll tell you comprehensibly what’s been done and the date that is has been done… and it should match with the name of the center that did it, the stamps in your book if it has stamps in a book here, if it doesn’t you are relying only on that paperwork.

If they don’t have it… then you don’t believe anybody, seller or any only anybody else, as to what’s been changed, when servicing were done… it’s going to be have to be considered as a reduction in the value of the sale offer that the seller has given you.

And if the cambelt has not been done, or is getting very very close to needing to be done… I would consider talking to the seller about how that (being somewhere in the region of between 2 and 4 hundred pounds worth of servicing to change a cambelt) is something that could be considered to come off the price of the vehicle, so that you have a vehicle you can walk away with and now it’s got a life certainly for the your ownership.

Cambelt CHANGE can cost from £300!!… depending on the Make & Model

Make a NEW offer to the seller to reflect the EXTRA cost to YOU!

That is the vehicles servicing history stamp book and any documentation that goes with it.

All of its absolutely essential and a big part of the value of the vehicle at the time of sale!

Check out the final step in this 101 series…
Is the vehicle STOLEN or FINANCED?
Click here:

See you soon…
Miles and Tamra
Online Offgrid

How to Buy a Used Motorhome / Campervan

How To Buy a Used Motorhome Campervan 101.3 – Is it STOLEN, FINANCED, WRITTEN OFF? Check BEFORE going to view it.

Online Offgrid - How to buy a campervan 101_3

How to buy a Used Camper / Motorhome

Is it STOLEN, FINANCED, WRITTEN OFF Check BEFORE going to view it

Another and the FINAL ESSENTIAL Check BEFORE you go and VIEW your potential dream motorhome or campervan, and DEFINITELY BEFORE you lay out a £FIVE FIGURE SUM…

Here is one QUICK final check you can do online that will save you buying a NO DEAL vehicle and, because there are so few vehicles that meet your criteria, you can save traveling a long distance and fuel just to view it TOO!

When I say “NO DEAL”, I really mean it

If you do buy a vehicle, and let’s not forget, not for a few small acorns, then you can’t take chances of believing the seller’s every word. And I am not suggesting that particular person is not trustworthy. You just don’t know what you don’t know until it’s too late. If you are anything like us, you will be spending most of your savings on your dream motorhome or campervan. It will pay dividends to do this check so that you can be sure you know what the seller does not know you know.

PLUS – if you go armed with some of the knowledge you will get from following the steps in this video, How To Buy A Used Motorhome or Campervan 101.3, you will have yourself a very valuable bargaining chip to bring the price down… IF you will want it

This is also a tool you can use multiple times to save you even more should you decide to view more than one used motorhome or campervan!

If you missed them, there are 3 ESSENTIAL videos in the “How to Buy a Used Motorhome / Campervan – 101” video series that are included in our 20+ video series on “How to Buy a Used Motorhome / Campervan”: Click on the links below to view them:

How to buy a Used Motorhome or Campervan – 101.1 M.O.T. History and Proof of Mileage >

How to buy a Used Motorhome 101.2 – Checking Vehicle Identification & Service History – Is It LEGAL! >

See you soon…

Miles & Tamra

Online Offgrid

Here’s our dialogue from the video . . .

How To Buy a USED Motorhome-Campervan 101.3 – Is it STOLEN, FINANCED, WRITTEN OFF? Check BEFORE going to view it!


Hi and welcome to how to buy a used motorhome or camper van 101.3!

Now if you’ve seen the other two videos, (101.1 and 101.2) and now you’re happy that everything seems present and correct… the price seems about right… and you’re completely thrilled you love it, you want to go buy it right now! It’s your perfect dream home (or camper van)… hold your horses!


Just because it seems to tick all the boxes, and it may not be on the market very long… it may make you want to go and snatch at it.

Now there is one more check to do, and the reason it comes last, is because before you travel (4 hours or something like that… we traveled, one way, yes) to go see our dream home… to find out what we found out… that cost us a fortune… you can do a check for less than ten quid that will make all this worthwhile!

Check this out!

Once you’re happy that the MOT information and the service history all match up and look good, and you’re happy to proceed with looking into other areas… the next thing to make sure of, is that the vehicle has not been written off or be involved in any incident that would declare it less than Road worthy (that MOT’s wouldn’t necessarily know about because remember an MOT is only valid for the day of that test, it means it’s Road worthy that day… it doesn’t mean that subsequently something could happen that makes it non Road worthy).

There’s a way to check whether its first of all, been in some sort of incident that could have damaged any part of the vehicle, and secondly can tell you whether it’s been stolen, and thirdly it can also tell you whether there is some finance outstanding on the vehicle…

Because the last thing that can happen… and is has happened to others in the past… is that if you buy a vehicle from someone, you pay cash, and then it still has finance on the vehicle… that vehicle is still owned by the finance company, they can take it off you and you can do nothing about it but chase the police to get hold of the person who sold it to you.

But, one of the great things you can do is you can check it online.

So if you go to Google again… and just check what’s called an “HPI check.” And what you’ll see is a number of different results come up… and the one I have used in the past and one that certainly some of the bigger insurance websites use is “”

Which is the address I’m just going to put up on the screen for you here.

if you go through to that website you’ll see them what you do is you throw in the registration of your vehicle, click go, and then what it will do is will give you some options. You’ll see it has a multi-check where if you’re looking to view a couple of Motor home’s for a cheaper price than doing it once each time… is that you can buy just the basic checks at £19.99 or £9.99, and that’s a very basic check as you’ll see from the screen here… all the things that they don’t do… so they don’t check it was being cloned as a vehicle, and parts of the vehicle being used and from other vehicles have been used in this one… it doesn’t do any mileage discrepancy checks, MOT history does a bit of a check for you as well… and there’s also a 30,000 pound guarantee on the check which isn’t covered in the basic check too.

So that’s what you get for you $9.99 but it does cover some of the key things and having followed the checks on the MOT history and the servicing checks that I’ve already showed you… you have covered a lot of the basis here.

But if you feel it a bit more inclined to check further then why not go for either $19.99 for one check or put three in the bag for you so you can come back and use it the other two remaining, if you want to look at other vehicles too… and this will give you a much more comprehensive list of items that you need to know about, regarding the vehicles validity, its insurance status, its finance status, and whether it’s being written off.

Now when it comes to write-offs, you’ll probably not know the different categories that are set up for write-offs… it can be “A” or “B” or “C” or “D” and further… and you’d only look anything that’s beyond a “C” or “D”…

But if you do see that it has been written off, and then it has a category of “C” or “D” it means that there wasn’t bad enough to not be able to be brought back to a roadworthy status. In many cases it’s because that price to repair the vehicle was greater than the value of the vehicle itself… it didn’t mean that it couldn’t be repaired.

Now it’s important at this point to note that there is a new update to insurance write-off categories and what they mean… now before going to those are it is also prudent to tell you that I’m NOT a professional. I’m NOT an insurance expert, NOT even in the legal world… but this is simply information I’ve gathered that I could inform you of so you can make your own informed decision.

So the new update to the insurance write-off categories are such that up to 1st October 2017 there were four categories of insurance write-offs, which were comprising of “A” category, “B” category, “C” category, and “D” category.

Now the categorization was reviewed recently, such that the salvage codes had been updated to emphasize more on structural issues that affect safety of the vehicle.

Now the categories have changed such that they are now “A” and “B” and “S” and “N” categories.

Category “A” is the same as it always has been, it’s for scrap only… in other words these are cars that are so badly damaged they should be crushed and never reappear on the road… even salvageable parts from that vehicle must be destroyed and cannot be reused.

Category “B” is also unchanged, and the body shell should be crushed… it signifies that there has been extensive damage although some parts are salvageable. She should still never reappear on the road as that vehicle as a whole… although the parts from it can be used again elsewhere in other vehicles, for whatever purpose.

The category “S” (which used to be category “C”) means that the vehicle has suffered structural damage… this could include a bent or twisted chassis, and it could be a crumple zone that’s collapsed in a crash, but seriously compromising the the safety of that vehicle. It means the damage is more than just cosmetic therefore and the vehicle will have to have been professionally repaired, and is deemed not safe to drive until passing rigorous tests.

The category “N” (which used to be category “D”) is categorized for vehicles that haven’t sustained structural damage… so the issue may be cosmetic, or a problem with the electrics that just isn’t economical to repair. Now it’s probably advisable, although I CAN’T do that legally, not to assume that vehicles are drivable. So when you’re viewing this vehicle just don’t necessarily assume this just is drivable just because it has been categorized as “D.” Now non structural faults may include the brakes or steering or other safety related parts… so that said… the point being is, if it is deemed Road (worthy this is assuming that it has been repaired professionally), where you now have a bargaining chip with the seller… as it will always carry this category and for the lifetime of this vehicle on the road, and therefore it’ll affect the price when you come to sell it to.

So if it is a category “C” or “D” and you have all the information as to why that’s been written off, you now have a great bargaining chip with the seller… so you can say, “Well it’s category ‘C’ or ‘D’ and it’s going to be difficult to sell again there are things that I have to take care of potentially to maintain those issues that occurred at that incident, that wrote it off and there the seller may then give you a reduction in the price.

What they’re probably not going to do… is tell you from the outset that it was a write-off even though it is now categorized as roadworthy.

NOTE: Neither myself nor Tamra are experts in insurance knowledge or practices, nor are we legally qualified. All information has been gathered while researching. Please seek legal advise where necessary when you are unsure!

If you missed out on the other two videos in the “How to Buy a USED Motorhome Campervan 101” series… you can now get them by clicking on the links here:

How to Buy a USED Camper Motorhome 101.1 – M.O.T. & Mileage… which is the three essential checks to do online before you go and view the vehicle with MOT history checks and mileage

…and How to Buy a USED Camper Motorhome 101.2 – Log Book & Service History… and these are the three essential legal checks to do before you go and buy and that’s the logbook vehicle identification number and service history validity checks.

Check them out now!

See you soon…
Miles and Tamra
Online Offgrid


Health and recipes ...

We’re SPROUTING! Learning Health LIVE! Thank you Energise Academy with Mark Bryant

Lunch and Learn - Energise Academy with Mark Bryant v2

We’re Sprouting! What a HEALTH experience!

The Energise Academy
Mark Bryant

Oh! We forgot to mention in the video…

We then joined his Energise Academy for Lifetime (YES, LIFETIME!) access to all the AMAZING how to guides, support and recipes for healthy living including access to all the modules they’ve created – Food Fundamentals, Kitchen Essentials, Living Foods, Juicing and Wheatgras, Daily Routine!


We also gain access to ALL the new courses and content they create in the future!


To get the same, click the link here:

See you inside…

Tamra & Miles

Online Offgrid

Here’s our dialogue from the video . . .

Thank You to Mark Bryant and his Energise Academy!

THANK YOU to Mark Bryant and his Energise Academy

Hi from Miles and Tamra,

We wanted to say thank you to Mark Bryant, for when we attended his “Lunch & Learn”, which was great! We got to see, delicious foods… raw, living, delicious foods! We got to spend an entire day with him, and we wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for all that we learned all that we experienced… I have notes on my phone. But, you go first Miles…

Ok, it was part of Mark’s Energise Academy that he started up. And Mark’s story alone was compelling… and to have come from where he’s come from, and I’ll let you just watch, learn, read his story. It’s beyond belief… coming from literally deaths door, to where he is now… as healthy as he can possibly be.

So we went to his “Lunch & Learn”! Yes! And we learned lots, we reaffirmed things that we knew, suspicions that we had… and at the same time had some serious eureka moments! Didn’t we… about some of the things that we’ve been eating, some of the things that we didn’t even know about food, some of the things we didn’t know about the way food is prepared!

It was utterly amazing!

Yes, we had to take notes because the things that we picked up from it, that will be valuable to you, we think, if you go along to the “Lunch & Learn” are these:

Which means there are no GMO’s, which I had learned this before, but again it was great to hear other people teaching. Eat food that doesn’t have GMO’s in it! Also, No sugar! Sugar is in EVERYTHING! Sugar is in bread! I was shocked, and even floored, when I first read that I thought WHY would you put sugar in bread? Why would people even do it? You don’t need it!? There’s so much sugar out there… Just to eat CLEAN FOOD, organic… I definitely liked that part.

The fact that we got to see, as well, what Mark was doing… because Mark is growing stuff, and he has all the kit and is showing how to use the kit to grow your own food! And there’s nothing better than… never mind just fresh food from the supermarket… fresh food from your own ways of growing it, IN the ORGANIC way, in the raw food way!

And then, dishing up the most amazing lunch, incorporating all of the things that he shows you how to do. So having learned what not to do, what essentials to avoid and what essentials to include… to then show you how to grow it, how to use it, and how to make actual tasty food. Because the myth was, and certainly one I believed, because when you start eating healthy, my goodness is it boring. And, ugh, flavorless and all those sorts of things. BUT the truth is, that was one of the most enjoyable lunches and meals I’ve had… and there was SO much we were literally stuffing our faces… its amazing food! All from the great super greens… super greens I’d never even heard of… super greens I had heard of but never seen…

And, I think the greatest thing about this whole event was, first of all it’s real… from someone who’s been there and done it, the amount of research Mark’s done and the amount of money he’s spent traveling the world trying to find out these things is beyond belief. And then showing you in real time how simple it is and enjoyable it is to live this healthy way.

And, we’re living a life… we have a business called “Online Offgrid” for a reason, we’re living Offgrid, we’re in the South of Spain because we’re traveling around and working as we go… and we’re incorporating these learning into our lifestyle! And, not all at once… we know that it wouldn’t be sustainable if we did that.

Yes, we sprout. We learned at Mark’s, (well, we’d know this before), but at his event he showed how to sprout, he showed all the different things you can do… and he sells kits to do everything! We sprout here (in our Mobile home), we have one growing now… it’s been 3 days, and I believe its about to start budding (or sprouting)… and we’ll be able to eat it, but it just healthy living! Plus, it makes sense… you know, don’t put “cardboard” or crackers or pesticides into your body… put FOOD (LIVING FOOD) and you’ll be healthier, you’ll have more energy!

Yes! And the interesting thing is, the variety of people… you know because the “Lunch & Learn” is a group of people… and the variety of people, the variety of conditions they’ve had, or their children were having, and their stories about how living this way has changed their lives, is remarkable! It just goes to show it can work for anyone, and for any condition, regardless of what you think does and doesn’t work out there, there’s something for you.

So yes, “Lunch & Learn” from Mark’s “Energise Academy”, another thing you can get involved with after that. And we were, straight away, involved in “Energise Academy”… because it’s such a no-brainer. It’s a LIFETIME ACCESS to knowing how, what, and where to get healthy, living food!

So, thanks again Mark! We really enjoyed a fantastic “Lunch & Learn” day with you… and advise any of you out there, if you’re thinking of learning “on the go” and also enjoying that food “on the go”, to find out for yourself if you like it… I’ve not seen anything like it before, and we’ve looked! And we’ve been followers of HEALTH generally… So thanks a lot Mark!

Yes, and it’s definitely worth the time… I was speaking earlier to Miles about the time it takes to prepare healthy food, you know how people think “oh, we don’t have time to prepare food, let’s just just eat at a fast-food restaurant.” (I won’t name any, LOL!) We eat there once in a blue moon… but it’s NOT food! And we will end up “paying for it” in our bodies later, if we don’t take the time (to prepare healthy food).

Plus, it’s fun! Get your family involved… get your kids involved in growing and preparing the food, they love this! And when they see you do it, they’ll do it. Yes, it’s a change, but it’s worth it!

On that note, we have paid because when we’ve NOT had those things, (healthy food), and then gone for the odd burger or pizza… OH MY GOODNESS the next day was murder, never mind that day! We actually felt it the next day. We actually felt it 🙁 the next day. So, it just goes to show the “healthy living lifestyle”, where you introduce these things as you go… just improves your energy, improves the way you feel, improves the way you look. People comment on how you look, and how healthy you are! And it dawns on you… yes, do you know what? It’s because we’re living more healthily.

So, thank you for helping us on our journey, Mark, with the “Energise Academy.” And if it’s something that you’re interested in doing, as far as trying to change your life, trying to change your health, trying to feel better or feel more energy, then we’d certainly advise going to Mark Bryant’s “Lunch & Learn” which is part of his “Energise Academy”! Absolutely!

All right… See you soon…
Miles and Tamra
Online Offgrid


Product Reviews (NO B.S.)

Apple Macbook Laptop Car Chargers (12V Socket): GISSARAL AM2 90W

OnlineOffgrid - Product Best Buy Reviews NO-BS, just the TRUTH

Apple Macbook
Laptop Car Chargers

90/110W Laptop Car Charger

Cigarette Lighter/ Convenience Outlet 12V Socket
Laptop Charger Port PLUS 2 x USB slots

OnlineOffgrid - Product Best Buy Reviews NO-BS - Overview
First things first… is this the right charger specification you are looking for?
Which Laptops this charger can charge

The GISSARAL GISCCA-AM2 110W Laptop Car Charger is designed for charging the 2012 to 2015 Retina MacBook Pro MacBook Air and MacBook range of laptops using the MagSafe 2 Connector (image below).

Charger ports are designed to support:

Laptop Charger outlet with MagSafe2 connector compatibility overview:

  • Mid-2012 to 2015 MacBook Pro 13 inch (A1425, A1502)*
  • Early-2013 to Mid-2015 15 inch Macbook Pro (non-Retina and Retina)*

* SEE “Full model number listing” below to see all models this charger is designed for.

Dual USB Ports Charger for:

There are two USB ports able to supply 4 amps between the two (i.e. max 2 amps via each USB port):

  • Apple Devices
  • New MacBook 12 Retina A1534 (5V 3A USB to Type C only)
  • iPad Mini (All)
  • iPad Air (All)
  • iPad (All)
  • iPhone (All).
  • USB C devices.
  • Android Devices
  • ChromeBook
  • Pixel Nexus
  • Android smartphones
  • Android tablets
  • USB C devices.

Overview of review/test parameters:

I have conducted extensive testing of this laptop charger, amongst several in-car charger devices for laptops and USB devices, in multiple vehicle 12 volt cigarette socket outlets, including car and van cigarette lighter 12 volt sockets and ‘convenience’ 12 volt sockets elsewhere within the vehicle.

I have tested them with power supplied by the vehicle’s main battery, by alternator*, and same specification sockets in a motorhome/caravan, in this case powered by leisure battery with and without solar.

Apple Laptop Models tested: Macbook Air 13 inch, Mid 2012, which usually uses a mains power 45W charger; Macbook Pro 15 inch Retina, Mid 2014, which usually uses a mains power 85W charger.


*NOTE – i.e. alternator power refers to power generated when engine is running and its generator (alternator) is delivering approximately 14 volts to charge the car/van battery and to provide power at a regulated voltage to cigarette lighter ‘convenience’ 12 volt sockets within the vehicle).

GISSARAL-AM2 - 90W Charger MagSafe2 Plug - OnlineOffgrid - Product Best Buy Reviews NO-BS

GISSARAL-AM2 - 90W Charger Dimensions - OnlineOffgrid - Product Best Buy Reviews NO-BS
Overview of Product:

I have found this device to work really well (I say that because others I have tested other model devices of varying qualities (see here charger 1, charger 2 link). Some other model devices have either not worked at all (i.e. faulty on arrival), not worked well to power certain laptops which demand more power due to higher specs and/or software used, or worked for a week or two and then stopped working completely.

The GISSARAL GISCCA-AM2 is both reliable and sturdy. It has a nice design and actually looks quite an expensive and quality product, as you will see from the photos. It fits securely in the socket receptacle (not loose like some that can then loose the connection) and because of its shape and weight, neither ‘dangles’ nor ‘wiggles’ by hand when in place**. It  does it fall out, even in an upside down, ceiling mounted motorhome socket receptacle!

** NOTE – a secure fit in the receptacle is imperative. Laptops take a lot more power than devices like smart phones and the electrical connection to the contact points are essential for delivering that power and to prevent overheating.

OnlineOffgrid - Product Best Buy Reviews NO-BS - PRO's and CON's

OnlineOffgrid - Product Best Buy Reviews NO-BS - PRO's
  • Sturdy, solid build
  • Secure fitting in 12 volt receptacle
  • Nice design with ‘brushed aluminium’ surround
  • Wide variety of laptops (see full model and type listings below)
  • 18 month Warranty

OnlineOffgrid - Product Best Buy Reviews NO-BS - CON's
  • Highest in price bracket
    (though at prices from £36 is hardly only £15-£20 ($20 to $25 more expensive)
  • Slightly heavier than other models

18-month warranty and provide friendly, easy-to-reach support.


£36.99 with FREE Delivery in the UK on THIS link…


OnlineOffgrid - Product Best Buy Reviews NO-BS - Comparisons

Typically other models offering similar specifications and laptop range charged, ONLY offered 3 Month warranty.

NOTE: The model number of your Laptop is printed in very small lettering, on the underneath of the outer casing.  

MacBook Air 11 inch or 13 inch(All Version) Magsafe 2 Retina or Magsafe:

A1465 A1466: MJVM2LL/A MJVP2LL/A MJVE2LL/A MJVG2LL/A MD760LL/B or MD761LL/B MD760LL/A or MD761LL/A MD231LL/A or MD232LL/A MD711LL/B or MD712LL/B MD711LL/A or MD712LL/A MD223LL/A or MD224LL/A A1369 A1370: MC965LL/A or MC966LL/A MC503LL/A or MC504LL/A MC968LL/A or MC969LL/A MC505LL/A or MC506LL/A A1237 A1304:MC233LL/A MC234LL/A MB543LL/A MB940LL/A: MB003LL/A or Z0FS

MacBook Pro 13 inch, 15 inch or 17 inch (All Versions that use Magsafe or Magsafe 2 Including Retina:

A1502 A1398 A1425: MJLQ2*/A or MJLT2*/A MF839*/A or MF840*/A or MF841*/A MGX72*/A or MGX82*/A or MGX92*/A, MGXA2*/A or MGXC2*/A ME293*/A or ME294*/A ME864*/A, ME865*/A or ME866*/A ME664*/A, ME665*/A or ME698*/A ME662*/A, ME663*/A or ME697*/A MC975*/A or MC976*/A MD212*/A or MD213*/A MC975*/A or MC976*/A

A1278 A1286 A1297: MD103 or MD104 MD101 or MD102 MD311 MD318 or MD322 MD313 or MD314 MC725 MC721 or MC723 MC700 or MC724 MC024 MC371 MC372 or MC373 MC374 or MC375 MC226 MC118 MB985 MB986 or MC226 MB990 or MB991 MacBook 13 inch A1342 A1278 A1181 MC516 MC207 MC240 MB881 MB466 or MB467 MB402*/B MB402 MB403 or MB404 MB061*/B MB062*/B or MB063*/B MB061 MB062 or MB063 MA699 MA700 or MA701 MA254 MA255 or MA472 MA541LLA-B or MA566LL/A

Technical Specifications of the GISSARAL GISCCA-AM2 110W Laptop Car Charger

DC Type: C

Quality & Safety
  • DC Port output 90W (Max 20V 4.5A)
  • Dual USB Ports output 20W (Max 5V 4A)
Size & Weight:
  • Ultra Small size: 3.0 × 1.8 × 1 (Inch)
5 (Oz).
  • Product Dimensions: 7.6 x 2.5 x 4.6 cm ; 141 g
  • Boxed-product Weight: 240 g
  • Charging Technology:

    Detects your device to deliver its fastest possible charge speed up to 4.5 amps with the DC Port and up to 3 amps per USB port or 4.0 amps through two ports.

    GISSARAL-AM2 - 90W Charger-in-the-Box - OnlineOffgrid - Product Best Buy Reviews NO-BS
    Would you like to take a look at this on Amazon?

    More customer reviews and info is available by clicking the link below:

    Our Journey (warts and all)

    Visa Verdict – Mission Impossible 1


    The Visa Verdict


    Mission Impossible 1 – Operation Assumption




    Ever been down a blind alley, and then been royally screwed over?

    On a British government website, yes… GOVERNMENT… yes BRITISH, we followed a process they set up to acquire a Resident Visa for Tamra, a US Citizen married to Miles, a British citizen, to allow us to to live together…


    Which turned out to be an absolute scam which our own UK legal advice bureau stated was a farce, unfair and unethical!


    Watch this first video to find out what happened to us…

    And, see you next in…

    The Visa Verdict – Mission Impossible 2 – Operation Assessed >

    See you soon…

    Miles & Tamra

    Online Offgrid

    Health and recipes ...

    The FACTS! The Chocolate Coated Placebo Effect!

    Click to Listen to the Podcast >>>


    The FACTS!

    The Chocolate Coated Placebo Effect

    We discovered some health studies busting the placebo myth…

    AND we experienced where this happens with FOOD too. Have you ever experienced this? Watch the video to find out.

    Plus, here are a few links, similar to what we discussed in the video, (though sadly the exact one Tamra was referring to… we have yet to find again, our sincere apologies):


    Again, we are NOT doctors, and we are NOT giving professional advice, please seek your doctors’ advice. 🙂


    Tamra has been healed of “incurable diseases”… (incurable according to doctors in America)… she has been cured of Plantar Fasciitis, a Depleted Disk in her Sacrum, and other ailments…

    Oh, before we go… check out our next brief video about a FANTASTIC self-healing book that aligns each part of the body (where a PAIN or discomfort is felt) to a certain NEGATIVE EMOTION: What’s in YOUR Medicine Cabinet?

    See you soon…

    Miles and Tamra

    Online Offgrid

    Here’s our dialogue from the video . . .

    The FACTS! The Chocolate Coated Placebo…



    Miles: Miles and Tamra here from Online Offgrid, and tonights discussion point was around “The Placebo Effect!”

    And this all came about because we were talking this morning about how we’ve cut out so much of the breads that we eat… again, we’re trying to cut out little bit by little bit… because if you try to cut out everything at once, it’s not sustainable.

    So, we’re trying to STOP eating “ready made” pizzas that we just chuck in the oven… stopped having croissants in the morning… and trying to not eat too many bread items, like toast, and food similar to that.

    Tamra: Or Chocolate! I haven’t had chocolate in weeks!

    Miles: Well, it’s relevant… as it happens… because yesterday we decided… or shall we say (now when I say “we” I mean “me”) decided to buy these AMAZINGLY LOOKING chocolate croissants!

    And we are in Spain… and there were some absolutely gorgeous croissants, there were 3 for 3 euros, and they were huge, and they had chocolate everywhere… it was FANTASTIC!

    So, I couldn’t resist!

    And it came to heating them up this morning with our coffee… so I put them in the grill… (in our mobile home) whilst the coffee was brewing…

    And whilst I was doing this, Tamra said, “Do you know what?…”

    Tamra: Yes, I couldn’t do it. (I couldn’t eat them.) I WANTED to… and they looked SO DELICIOUS!

    But, it’s taken me WEEKS to stop eating bread and chocolate and I thought I might just LOVE EATING chocolate again… all the time… and too much (chocolate)…

    Miles: And in truth, you have struggled more than me, the next day or day, when eating bread… because you’ve not eaten bread for SO long!

    And although I’ve cut out bread at times, and stopped eating pizza for about 3 months… when I then ate a pizza, I felt AWEFUL! 🙁

    And that was the only thing that had changed, was eating that Pizza.

    Anyway… we have these croissants, and Tamra has the strength to say, “No. Actually do you know what… I’m not going to do it.”

    That was MAJOR!

    Tamra: At first, I said, “I’ll have a bite of yours…” 🙂

    And I was going to… but then I thought, “It’s not worth it. It’s not worth my emotional rollercoaster… and then have the re-learning (to not eat or crave it again).”

    Miles: Oh that’s right.

    It actually helped me… because I wanted to cook ALL 3! (So I could have 2, and Tamra could have 1… because she didn’t want to have too much.)

    Then when she said, “Ill tell you what, if you’re having croissants, may I have a bite of yours?”

    Now in that case I’ve gone from… I should really have one. Well, in that case, I’ll have TWO!

    So, I heat up 2, knowing that there’s a chance that at the end of it it will go (meaning Tamra might end up eating one)…

    Anyway, so we cook them up, serve the coffee, have the croissants on a plate, and Tamra then says… “Do you know what? I’ve had second thoughts, I don’t want ANY!”

    So I’m thinking, Oh no! 🙁

    I’m going to have to eat BOTH! 🙁

    Tamra: LOL He was distraught! He started crying… LOL

    Miles: Yes, “distraught!”

    And, what was interesting was…

    We went for a walk afterwards, and I said to Tamra, “Do you know what? I don’t FEEL as bad as I thought I was going to feel… having eaten croissants.”

    Having cut them out, when we haven’t had ANY for a good couple of weeks. (2 or 3 weeks at least… we hadn’t had any!)

    And, it was then that Tamra said something thats absolutely GROUND BREAKING!

    And SO true… I utterly believe this…

    Tamra: Yes, well, I had heard years ago of a scientific study done in the United States… (I’ll look it up, to see the specific study.)

    Miles: In fact, what we’ll do is we’ll look it up and the links going to be below this video, so you can check this study out. It’s legit!

    Tamra: Yes, it’s amazing because they did a study on elderly people… some who felt GREAT, but they would drink coffee and eat a donut (from Dunkin Donuts… very American). 🙂

    Miles: But they were the worst type of donut, right?

    Tamra: Oh yes!

    They would eat it every day… every day!

    Then, another set of people (in this study) would eat, I don’t exactly remember, barley oats and you know… strict, boring, healthy food/ (LOL, I shouldn’t say that… “boring”)

    And everyone had blood tests run, before and after this study… and the people who ate coffee and donuts, their blood tests came out better, they were healthier BECAUSE they believed, well first, because they were happy when they were eating, they didn’t feel guilty… but they were happy and they FELT wonderful doing what they were doing.

    And yet, the people who ate the (quote) healthy breakfasts, they were stressed and didn’t think they were doing enough (healthy regimes) in their lives…

    And this study just showed that your MINDSET… it’s your energy and your mindset are MORE than the food that you eat!

    Miles: Right. So, are you saying that when they did the blood tests, they were healthier… but in what regard? Because we’re talking about things like blood sugars, we’re talking…

    Tamra: Everything! (Well, I couldn’t tell you right now, I don’t have all the facts in front of me…) But when they ran the tests, they found that the people who ate “unhealthier”… actually had healthier results. (For example, lower blood sugars… they had results, on paper, that they were healthier.)

    Miles: Right. Which brings us onto the Placebo Effect!

    Now you know, you will have heard of the Placebo Effect… I’m sure!

    (Video screen says: Placebo Effect Study. Conducted at Harvard University. Links to some Placebo Effect studies below)

    Because their is a study, where people were given pills, pharmaceutical pills… in a test, to two different groups. One wasn’t actually that pill, there was nothing in it, it was simply like a saline solution… it was basically dehydrated, almost like a salt pill, and the other group actually had the pharmaceutical…

    And they ALL had the SAME effect!

    It wasn’t that either group had any more or less… it was that they all had the same!

    So I said to Tamra, “Ok, does that mean then, potentially, that what the mind is doing, is ITS deciding how you’re going to heal, when you’re going to heal, and in what regard. And it’s all down to mindset.”

    Tamra: Oh yes! Definitely!

    From that study, and from things in my life, in what happens with us… when we eat, and how we feel about it, how I feel about it…

    It’s ALL about WHAT I THINK. And what I believe will happen.

    Miles: And I’ll tell you what has made me wonder is that… there are people who go and see a doctor, and they’ll be prescribed something, and it’ll make them better. And I was wondering to myself…

    Because I have a strong belief. (Not necessarily everybody’s belief.)

    A strong belief that pharmaceuticals don’t work.

    And it’s a bit like “The Verve” lyrics in their song… that drugs don’t work.

    In that they create as much stress, and really negative reactions in the body, because of course, they don’t JUST supposedly “fix” what they’re supposed to fix… they also create all sorts of other problems! And then the body has to fight those as well!

    Tamra: Just like, (let me jump in right there), JUST LIKE when there are commercials on TV for drugs (pharmaceuticals), and the last 3/4ths of the commercial, they legally have to say what are the “side-effects”!

    If people would PAY ATTENTION to this… and I used to take drugs, I used to go see doctors and I was on anxiety medication years ago, and I did all that, for years. 🙁

    But if you LISTEN to the end of those commercials… they list WORSE side-effects for drugs (than what the drugs are “curing” themselves)!

    Miles: Yes, they don’t even just list them, they have to say them.

    Now, if you don’t know what we are talking about… it’s because you’re from Europe! In America they HAVE to do this…

    In England we don’t have to do this and in Europe… And I think they really should!

    And in America they do… because when I was over there with Tamra, you’d have breakfast sometimes in a hotel, and up on the T.V. screen, (whether it’s sound on or sound off), you’d see these adverts come up, and their LONG commercials, like a minute long commercials, on some pharmaceutical solution to a condition. Right?

    And THEN, and I kid you not, for the last 15 or 20 seconds… they’re saying, “Oh, and it might give you this… your side-effects could be that… you should check with your doctor this, that, and the other thing!”

    And I’m thinking… OH MY GOODNESS!

    Tamra: And they speed up the talk (their speech), they speed it up, or they hire someone who knows how to read/speak VERY quickly because they just rattle it off. (I believe they do it or speed it up a little bit.)

    Miles: Yes, now that you will relate to, because in England when you hear a radio advert, and it’s like a car dealership advert, you then have all the terms and conditions read out at TRIPLE the speed.

    Tamra: LOL. Yes!

    Miles: Right? Well, in America it’s like that, and then you get all these things that come up on (the bottom of) the screen saying… this is what you COULD get as a side-effect… these could be the problems that you might get from that… IF you’re “this” don’t do “this”… if you’re pregnant don’t do that… if you’re doctor says “this” don’t do “that”…

    Tamra: Yes. Right.

    Miles: It’s like… HANG ON!

    If this drug does ALL those things, (negative side-effects)…

    I mean, we’re talking… it’s not just anything like “you might get a rash” or “you might get a bit of a headache”…

    Tamra: LOL YES! It’s WORSE than what you have in the first place!

    Miles: They are SERIOUSLY MORE SCARY than the thing you’re actually suffering from (in the FIRST PLACE)!

    Yet, as far as the Americans are concerned… and I think it’s pretty much the world over… certainly the Western World… pharmaceutical wise… is that it doesn’t matter to them. They’re making money based on the fact of what it might… MIGHT… fix.

    And I’ve always wondered, and I said this to Tamra this morning, is that I’m wondering if it’s the doctors visit… the Doctor’s VISIT… that makes the cure actually happen. It’s not the pharmaceutical drug you receive.

    It’s the fact that you’ve gone there, you’ve been prescribed it… you TRUST your doctor, you take that drug, and then you suddenly, miraculously get better!

    Or… and that’s why I’m saying it’s the VISIT. It’s the visit that did it, not the drug.

    Mentally… mind wise…

    Tamra: Belief! Your belief in the visit and your belief in the drug. That, it’s just like a placebo!

    I had never heard of that idea before… until you said that, until you said that…

    But it’s your belief in the drug… in the pill…


    That’s only half the video… more transcription is coming soon…


    See you soon…
    Miles and Tamra
    Online Offgrid


    Our Journey (warts and all)

    Visa Verdict – Mission Impossible 2


    The Visa Verdict


    Mission Impossible 2 – Operation Assessed




    Next Stop – The Immigration (HOME OFFICE) Interview.

    Here you will see the staggering course of events that occurred as we went through the next gruelling process.

    “Innocent till proven Guilty”??? Yeah RIGHT!!

    Watch this first video to find out what happened to us…

    The Visa Verdict – Mission Impossible 1 – Operation Assumption >

    And, see you next in…

    The Visa Verdict – Mission Impossible 3 – Operation Asstounding! >

    See you soon…

    Miles & Tamra

    Online Offgrid

    Our Journey (warts and all)

    Visa Verdict – Mission Impossible 3

    OnlineOffgrid - Poems and Inspirations - To Be Free Is...

    The Visa Verdict


    Mission Impossible 3 – Operation Asstounding!

    Life sometimes doesn’t pan out how you expected it to be… it pans out how it was meant to be…




    Wht do you do…?

    When all your life plans, everything you planned to do together are shattered, ripped away from you in an instant… in such a heartless and unethical manner? Sometimes when there is no longer a ‘life’ plan.


    There is only one other option…


    Feel free to view our first installment of “The Visa Verdict” as well…

    The Visa Verdict – Mission Impossible 1 – Operation Assumption >

    And, the second…

    The Visa Verdict – Mission Impossible 2 – Operation Assessed >

    See you soon…

    Miles & Tamra

    Online Offgrid