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ENERGISE ACADEMY - Review and Testimonial - FEATURED

We’re SPROUTING! Learning Health LIVE! Thank you Energise Academy with Mark Bryant

by Tamra & Miles
The Energise Academy with Mark Bryant Oh! We forgot to mention in the video... We then joined his Energise Academy for Lifetime (YES, LIFETIME!) access to all the AMAZING how to guides, support and recipes for healthy living including access to all the modules they've created - Food Fundamentals, Kitchen Essentials, Living Foods, Juicing and Wheatgrass, Daily Routine!
Chocolate Coated Placebo - Offgrid-Living - FEATURED

The FACTS! The Chocolate Coated Placebo Effect!

by Tamra & Miles
HAVE YOU EVER EXPERIENCED THIS? We discovered some health studies busting the placebo myth... AND we experienced where this happens with FOOD too. Have you ever experienced this? Watch the video to find out. Plus, here are a few links, similar to what we discussed in the video.
Heal Your Body - Louise Hay - OnlineOffgrid - FEATURED

What’s In YOUR Medicine Cabinet?

What if you had NO pharmaceutical remedies or drugs in your medicine cabinet? What if there was another way to heal.... to heal YOURSELF? Thank you for this BRILLIANT book, Louise Hay, HEAL YOUR BODY!