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What’s In YOUR Medicine Cabinet?

Louise Hay - Heal Your Body - Online Offgrid-v2

What if you had NO pharmaceutical remedies or drugs in your medicine cabinet?

What if there was another way to heal…. to heal YOURSELF?

Thank you for this BRILLIANT book, Louise Hay, HEAL YOUR BODY!


Disclaimer, we are NOT doctors nor professionals… to be clear. 🙂


… this morning when we were having a coffee, Tamra said this about her findings…

“Yes, this is our Medicine Cabinet, this book by Louise Hay, ‘HEAL YOUR BODY.’ “

So, a BIG thank you to her… Louise Hay, Thank you for writing this book, it’s made a massive difference in our lives!

To check out her book, please click below:

Heal Your Body by Louise Hay


See you soon…

Tamra & Miles

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Here’s our dialogue from the video . . .

What’s in YOUR Medicine Cabinet?

Miles: … this morning when we were having a coffee, while we were walking on the beach, Tamra said this about her findings…

Tamra: Yes, so this is our Medicine Cabinet (holding up the book “HEAL YOUR BODY” by Louise L. Hay), this book by Louise Hay, “HEAL YOUR BODY.”

I use this when anything hurts, I look it up and it will tell you “why”, “what belief”, what area of your body it is affecting… and it’s brilliant, because it works!

Miles: Yes, in fact, let me give you an example… so, basically, it’s split into two… it can tell you which part of the body can be hurting because of the emotion…

But of course I ask you which part of the body is hurting, and then give you the understanding behind that, as to why it’s happening.

So, for instance, let’s have a look at this… (or the condition)…

Tamra: So if we do feet… Plantar Fasciitis… so feet…

Miles: So what it’s done, what are the columns? Let me just show you up to the screen, let me just show you there are three columns, (holds up the book), then I’ll tell you what the columns are…

Tamra: The first column is the pain, the second column is the emotional issue that you are having which is causing the pain… and you’ve been having this emotional “issue” for a while, for it to show up physically.

Miles: Ok so this is the pain (pointing at the first column in the book), this is the reason for the pain (pointing at the second column in the book) the emotion, and on the right hand side (pointing at the far right hand column)?

Tamra: That’s how to heal yourself. What to think, what to believe… which we add in front of these words “WHAT IF” because, I don’t really believe in affirmations, because my mind doesn’t always believe them… if fights them… so if you put “what If…” in front of it, (for example) “What if I feel…”, it opens up your mind… That’s a whole other video…

Miles: It is… and that (video) will becoming soon, to a cinema near you.

So, we’ll read the feet out… but then I’m going to read another one, which if you’re not quite sure about this, this is something that will actually make sense much more, because not all of them make sense, until you start to “get it.”

So it says here, (first column) “Feet, represent our understanding of ourselves, of our life, of others.” Ok, so what that’s suggesting is…

Tamra: So, if your feet hurt, that means (my feet used to hurt), I didn’t understand my life…

Miles: Your life just didn’t make sense?

Tamra: I didn’t understand myself… or the life of anyone else close to me, normally… and so…

Miles: Oh, of course, family stuff going on, etc. Right.

So it says here that “My understanding is clear.” So, the way to feel better, to be healed in your feet, is to start thinking… “My understanding is clear. I am willing to change with the times. I am safe.”

That’s interesting. Safe. So, it’s about security.

So what I thought I’d do, is read you very very quickly “the shoulder” one… because this is one I suffer with, and it made so much sense, when I read what was going on for me.

This book covers everything! Even to the point of things like “Senility,” (which is no doubt, on its way).

So shoulders, and also related to joints or round shoulders and things like that.

So, the shoulders “represent our ability to carry our experiences in life joyously. We make life a burden by our attitude.”

So when I had a knot in my shoulder, which I kept going to get physio and massage and whatever I could do to get RID of that knot! GET RID OF THAT KNOT! And, once I got out of that situation, effectively what it says here, “Choose to allow my experiences to be joyous and loving.”

So what I did, because I felt so stressed about everything. I was shouldering everything, all the responsibilities and things like that…

Effectively what I did, was I got rid of (in a way) those responsibilities. They were no longer my problems. I left the business I was in, it was no longer my responsibility. And I was literally within HOURS… (I hadn’t spotted it straight away), and then I thought, “Hang on! That pain is GONE! Completely gone!”

What I had done, was I’d stopped shouldering, (pardon the pun), stopped shouldering that responsibility, and those stresses and strains I’d taken on, I had to no longer shoulder that weight. The weight was gone. And I immediately felt better! And this was after weeks and weeks of therapy, physio-therapy and massage and I had tried ALL sorts of different things… even to the point of alternative therapies like acupuncture and things like that. And whilst it eased the pain, within HOURS of having that treatment, it was back again.

Yet, when I changed the situation, therefore I changed the way I had to FEEL about the situation, it (the pain) just went, (it was GONE)!

So, this book by Louise Hay, and it was Tamra that told me about this book, this is ALL we need! (And look, it’s not even that thick of a book.)

And, if you can just start to THINK differently about that situation, which makes you FEEL DIFFERENTLY about that situation, which then is in connection with emotions… it’s an unconscious and conscious connection. And you’ll be amazed at what it can do!

But, hey, don’t trust us… this is a disclaimer (again), we are not doctors. (All we are is “suggesters” and “adventurers” in this particular area!)

Tamra: Yes, we’re Freedom Finders!

Miles: Yes, so check it out! We’ll put a link to a way you can get this book…

And a BIG THANK YOU to Louise Hay, Thank you for bringing this book out, it’s made a massive difference to our lives, (and more Tamra’s than mine, if you ever hear her stories).

So, thanks EVER SO MUCH! And, give it a read!

See you soon…

Tamra and Miles

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Our thanks to... (Angels on our path)

Thank you to… Chris Rigby & Lodge Farm Leisure for sending Safefill Gas Adaptors


Thank you to Chris Rigby & Lodge Farm Leisure

Thank you for sending Safefill Gas Adaptors

BIG shout out for helping us…

We’re sending a BIG Thank You to Chris Rigby & Large Farm Leisure for helping to get a 3 part euro connector adaptor set out to us for our Safefill LPG gas bottle!

You got them to us while we were stranded in Spain in JUST 3 DAYS!!!

Saviours and so caring to drop everything to get them to us. 🙂

Check them out at

See you soon…

Miles & Tamra

Online Offgrid

Here’s our dialogue from the video . . .

Thank you to Chris Rigby & Lodge Farm Leisure for sending us the Safefill Gas Bottle Euroconnectors

Hi this is a big shout out, a BIG thank you to Chris Rigby, and his family, and the rest of his team at Lodge Farm Leisure!

What Chris did after and his team what they did for us after making this motorhome of ours completely ready… with all the habitation checks and all the leaks and problems…

We had originally we set off to go to Europe, starting off in Spain, and one thing they did wonderfully for us is part of the conversion to make us much more off-gridable was to fit – instead of the usual swap over gas bottles that you probably used to with Calor gas and things like that – was this fantastic safe fill, seven kilogram bottle which enables us to refill this at auto gas stations!

And it’s a fiberglass bottle!

So it’s about this heavy full as an metal one is empty, there’s a huge saving there so that was one thing now… as we start to get toward Andorra… the temperatures start to drop really quite low, because it is winter!

And we had to call Chris, because we’ve just been to an auto gas station in Spain and the adaptors don’t work!!!

The piece that you put on there, all those sort of lever pump handle doesn’t go onto this bottle, so he said, “Well yes, you’re in Spain you need to get an adapter for that!”

Oh my goodness! And of course we never told him we were coming to Spain… so literally that night, he dropped everything and I mean EVERYTHING to get us what we needed!

And what he mailed us was these fantastic three adaptors!

What this means now is of course, with a good adaptor that’s good for Spain, amongst a couple of other countries, you sent us the whole kit that comes with this so that we know anywhere in Europe, and pretty much globally, can refill this bottle at every auto gas station!

Now these things don’t come cheap… and I thought that was gonna be a problem for me all right, however what we did discover is that when you’re done with the gas bottle “Calor gas” whatever swap overs it was costing around 18 to 20 euros.

And we found out that Repsol, which is one of the probably biggest producers in Spain, it’s costing 18 euros plus to swap over!

While this bottle cost 175 pounds, okay that’s a lot of money for a bottle however, every time we fill it it costs about 4 pounds 50, so within about 20 fills of this we are now in profit of what we would have been doing if we’ve continued with the swap bottle as well as having to find places that do it.

So, now we can fill it whenever we want on the cheap and we can run the whole vehicle off gas, when when we need and we can do it in Spain thanks to Chris and his team for sending over the adapters we so very much needed!!!

So Chris, thank you SO MUCH for pulling out all the stops! Thank you for SO MUCH for caring enough, as your company does, about everything you do to give us what we needed to make this baby off-gridable… the ways it’s supposed to be!

Thank you and bye for now!

Miles & Tamra

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