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The Chocolate Coated Placebo Effect

We discovered some health studies busting the placebo myth...

AND we experienced where this happens with FOOD too. Have you ever experienced this? Watch the video to find out.

Plus, here are a few links, similar to what we discussed in the video, (though sadly the exact one Tamra was referring to... we have yet to find again, our sincere apologies):


Again, we are NOT doctors, and we are NOT giving professional advice, please seek your doctors' advice. :)


Tamra has been healed of "incurable diseases"... (incurable according to doctors in America)... she has been cured of Plantar Fasciitis, a Depleted Disk in her Sacrum, and other ailments...

Oh, before we go... check out our next brief video about a FANTASTIC self-healing book that aligns each part of the body (where a PAIN or discomfort is felt) to a certain NEGATIVE EMOTION: What's in YOUR Medicine Cabinet?

See you soon...

Miles and Tamra

Online Offgrid

Here's our dialogue from the video . . .

The FACTS! The Chocolate Coated Placebo...



Miles: Miles and Tamra here from Online Offgrid, and tonights discussion point was around "The Placebo Effect!"

And this all came about because we were talking this morning about how we've cut out so much of the breads that we eat... again, we're trying to cut out little bit by little bit... because if you try to cut out everything at once, it's not sustainable.

So, we're trying to STOP eating "ready made" pizzas that we just chuck in the oven... stopped having croissants in the morning... and trying to not eat too many bread items, like toast, and food similar to that.

Tamra: Or Chocolate! I haven't had chocolate in weeks!

Miles: Well, it's relevant... as it happens... because yesterday we decided... or shall we say (now when I say "we" I mean "me") decided to buy these AMAZINGLY LOOKING chocolate croissants!

And we are in Spain... and there were some absolutely gorgeous croissants, there were 3 for 3 euros, and they were huge, and they had chocolate everywhere... it was FANTASTIC!

So, I couldn't resist!

And it came to heating them up this morning with our coffee... so I put them in the grill... (in our mobile home) whilst the coffee was brewing...

And whilst I was doing this, Tamra said, "Do you know what?..."

Tamra: Yes, I couldn't do it. (I couldn't eat them.) I WANTED to... and they looked SO DELICIOUS!

But, it's taken me WEEKS to stop eating bread and chocolate and I thought I might just LOVE EATING chocolate again... all the time... and too much (chocolate)...

Miles: And in truth, you have struggled more than me, the next day or day, when eating bread... because you've not eaten bread for SO long!

And although I've cut out bread at times, and stopped eating pizza for about 3 months... when I then ate a pizza, I felt AWEFUL! :(

And that was the only thing that had changed, was eating that Pizza.

Anyway... we have these croissants, and Tamra has the strength to say, "No. Actually do you know what... I'm not going to do it."

That was MAJOR!

Tamra: At first, I said, "I'll have a bite of yours..." :)

And I was going to... but then I thought, "It's not worth it. It's not worth my emotional rollercoaster... and then have the re-learning (to not eat or crave it again)."

Miles: Oh that's right.

It actually helped me... because I wanted to cook ALL 3! (So I could have 2, and Tamra could have 1... because she didn't want to have too much.)

Then when she said, "Ill tell you what, if you're having croissants, may I have a bite of yours?"

Now in that case I've gone from... I should really have one. Well, in that case, I'll have TWO!

So, I heat up 2, knowing that there's a chance that at the end of it it will go (meaning Tamra might end up eating one)...

Anyway, so we cook them up, serve the coffee, have the croissants on a plate, and Tamra then says... "Do you know what? I've had second thoughts, I don't want ANY!"

So I'm thinking, Oh no! :(

I'm going to have to eat BOTH! :(

Tamra: LOL He was distraught! He started crying... LOL

Miles: Yes, "distraught!"

And, what was interesting was...

We went for a walk afterwards, and I said to Tamra, "Do you know what? I don't FEEL as bad as I thought I was going to feel... having eaten croissants."

Having cut them out, when we haven't had ANY for a good couple of weeks. (2 or 3 weeks at least... we hadn't had any!)

And, it was then that Tamra said something thats absolutely GROUND BREAKING!

And SO true... I utterly believe this...

Tamra: Yes, well, I had heard years ago of a scientific study done in the United States... (I'll look it up, to see the specific study.)

Miles: In fact, what we'll do is we'll look it up and the links going to be below this video, so you can check this study out. It's legit!

Tamra: Yes, it's amazing because they did a study on elderly people... some who felt GREAT, but they would drink coffee and eat a donut (from Dunkin Donuts... very American). :)

Miles: But they were the worst type of donut, right?

Tamra: Oh yes!

They would eat it every day... every day!

Then, another set of people (in this study) would eat, I don't exactly remember, barley oats and you know... strict, boring, healthy food/ (LOL, I shouldn't say that... "boring")

And everyone had blood tests run, before and after this study... and the people who ate coffee and donuts, their blood tests came out better, they were healthier BECAUSE they believed, well first, because they were happy when they were eating, they didn't feel guilty... but they were happy and they FELT wonderful doing what they were doing.

And yet, the people who ate the (quote) healthy breakfasts, they were stressed and didn't think they were doing enough (healthy regimes) in their lives...

And this study just showed that your MINDSET... it's your energy and your mindset are MORE than the food that you eat!

Miles: Right. So, are you saying that when they did the blood tests, they were healthier... but in what regard? Because we're talking about things like blood sugars, we're talking...

Tamra: Everything! (Well, I couldn't tell you right now, I don't have all the facts in front of me...) But when they ran the tests, they found that the people who ate "unhealthier"... actually had healthier results. (For example, lower blood sugars... they had results, on paper, that they were healthier.)

Miles: Right. Which brings us onto the Placebo Effect!

Now you know, you will have heard of the Placebo Effect... I'm sure!

(Video screen says: Placebo Effect Study. Conducted at Harvard University. Links to some Placebo Effect studies below)

Because their is a study, where people were given pills, pharmaceutical pills... in a test, to two different groups. One wasn't actually that pill, there was nothing in it, it was simply like a saline solution... it was basically dehydrated, almost like a salt pill, and the other group actually had the pharmaceutical...

And they ALL had the SAME effect!

It wasn't that either group had any more or less... it was that they all had the same!

So I said to Tamra, "Ok, does that mean then, potentially, that what the mind is doing, is ITS deciding how you're going to heal, when you're going to heal, and in what regard. And it's all down to mindset."

Tamra: Oh yes! Definitely!

From that study, and from things in my life, in what happens with us... when we eat, and how we feel about it, how I feel about it...

It's ALL about WHAT I THINK. And what I believe will happen.

Miles: And I'll tell you what has made me wonder is that... there are people who go and see a doctor, and they'll be prescribed something, and it'll make them better. And I was wondering to myself...

Because I have a strong belief. (Not necessarily everybody's belief.)

A strong belief that pharmaceuticals don't work.

And it's a bit like "The Verve" lyrics in their song... that drugs don't work.

In that they create as much stress, and really negative reactions in the body, because of course, they don't JUST supposedly "fix" what they're supposed to fix... they also create all sorts of other problems! And then the body has to fight those as well!

Tamra: Just like, (let me jump in right there), JUST LIKE when there are commercials on TV for drugs (pharmaceuticals), and the last 3/4ths of the commercial, they legally have to say what are the "side-effects"!

If people would PAY ATTENTION to this... and I used to take drugs, I used to go see doctors and I was on anxiety medication years ago, and I did all that, for years. :(

But if you LISTEN to the end of those commercials... they list WORSE side-effects for drugs (than what the drugs are "curing" themselves)!

Miles: Yes, they don't even just list them, they have to say them.

Now, if you don't know what we are talking about... it's because you're from Europe! In America they HAVE to do this...

In England we don't have to do this and in Europe... And I think they really should!

And in America they do... because when I was over there with Tamra, you'd have breakfast sometimes in a hotel, and up on the T.V. screen, (whether it's sound on or sound off), you'd see these adverts come up, and their LONG commercials, like a minute long commercials, on some pharmaceutical solution to a condition. Right?

And THEN, and I kid you not, for the last 15 or 20 seconds... they're saying, "Oh, and it might give you this... your side-effects could be that... you should check with your doctor this, that, and the other thing!"

And I'm thinking... OH MY GOODNESS!

Tamra: And they speed up the talk (their speech), they speed it up, or they hire someone who knows how to read/speak VERY quickly because they just rattle it off. (I believe they do it or speed it up a little bit.)

Miles: Yes, now that you will relate to, because in England when you hear a radio advert, and it's like a car dealership advert, you then have all the terms and conditions read out at TRIPLE the speed.

Tamra: LOL. Yes!

Miles: Right? Well, in America it's like that, and then you get all these things that come up on (the bottom of) the screen saying... this is what you COULD get as a side-effect... these could be the problems that you might get from that... IF you're "this" don't do "this"... if you're pregnant don't do that... if you're doctor says "this" don't do "that"...

Tamra: Yes. Right.

Miles: It's like... HANG ON!

If this drug does ALL those things, (negative side-effects)...

I mean, we're talking... it's not just anything like "you might get a rash" or "you might get a bit of a headache"...

Tamra: LOL YES! It's WORSE than what you have in the first place!

Miles: They are SERIOUSLY MORE SCARY than the thing you're actually suffering from (in the FIRST PLACE)!

Yet, as far as the Americans are concerned... and I think it's pretty much the world over... certainly the Western World... pharmaceutical wise... is that it doesn't matter to them. They're making money based on the fact of what it might... MIGHT... fix.

And I've always wondered, and I said this to Tamra this morning, is that I'm wondering if it's the doctors visit... the Doctor's VISIT... that makes the cure actually happen. It's not the pharmaceutical drug you receive.

It's the fact that you've gone there, you've been prescribed it... you TRUST your doctor, you take that drug, and then you suddenly, miraculously get better!

Or... and that's why I'm saying it's the VISIT. It's the visit that did it, not the drug.

Mentally... mind wise...

Tamra: Belief! Your belief in the visit and your belief in the drug. That, it's just like a placebo!

I had never heard of that idea before... until you said that, until you said that...

But it's your belief in the drug... in the pill...


That's only half the video... more transcription is coming soon...


See you soon...
Miles and Tamra
Online Offgrid


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