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We're Sprouting! What a HEALTH experience!

The Energise Academy
Mark Bryant

Oh! We forgot to mention in the video...

We then joined his Energise Academy for Lifetime (YES, LIFETIME!) access to all the AMAZING how to guides, support and recipes for healthy living including access to all the modules they've created - Food Fundamentals, Kitchen Essentials, Living Foods, Juicing and Wheatgras, Daily Routine!


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See you inside...

Tamra & Miles

Online Offgrid

Here's our dialogue from the video . . .

Thank You to Mark Bryant and his Energise Academy!

THANK YOU to Mark Bryant and his Energise Academy

Hi from Miles and Tamra,

We wanted to say thank you to Mark Bryant, for when we attended his "Lunch & Learn", which was great! We got to see, delicious foods... raw, living, delicious foods! We got to spend an entire day with him, and we wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for all that we learned all that we experienced... I have notes on my phone. But, you go first Miles...

Ok, it was part of Mark's Energise Academy that he started up. And Mark's story alone was compelling... and to have come from where he's come from, and I'll let you just watch, learn, read his story. It's beyond belief... coming from literally deaths door, to where he is now... as healthy as he can possibly be.

So we went to his "Lunch & Learn"! Yes! And we learned lots, we reaffirmed things that we knew, suspicions that we had... and at the same time had some serious eureka moments! Didn't we... about some of the things that we've been eating, some of the things that we didn't even know about food, some of the things we didn't know about the way food is prepared!

It was utterly amazing!

Yes, we had to take notes because the things that we picked up from it, that will be valuable to you, we think, if you go along to the "Lunch & Learn" are these:

Which means there are no GMO's, which I had learned this before, but again it was great to hear other people teaching. Eat food that doesn't have GMO's in it! Also, No sugar! Sugar is in EVERYTHING! Sugar is in bread! I was shocked, and even floored, when I first read that I thought WHY would you put sugar in bread? Why would people even do it? You don't need it!? There's so much sugar out there... Just to eat CLEAN FOOD, organic... I definitely liked that part.

The fact that we got to see, as well, what Mark was doing... because Mark is growing stuff, and he has all the kit and is showing how to use the kit to grow your own food! And there's nothing better than... never mind just fresh food from the supermarket... fresh food from your own ways of growing it, IN the ORGANIC way, in the raw food way!

And then, dishing up the most amazing lunch, incorporating all of the things that he shows you how to do. So having learned what not to do, what essentials to avoid and what essentials to include... to then show you how to grow it, how to use it, and how to make actual tasty food. Because the myth was, and certainly one I believed, because when you start eating healthy, my goodness is it boring. And, ugh, flavorless and all those sorts of things. BUT the truth is, that was one of the most enjoyable lunches and meals I've had... and there was SO much we were literally stuffing our faces... its amazing food! All from the great super greens... super greens I'd never even heard of... super greens I had heard of but never seen...

And, I think the greatest thing about this whole event was, first of all it's real... from someone who's been there and done it, the amount of research Mark's done and the amount of money he's spent traveling the world trying to find out these things is beyond belief. And then showing you in real time how simple it is and enjoyable it is to live this healthy way.

And, we're living a life... we have a business called "Online Offgrid" for a reason, we're living Offgrid, we're in the South of Spain because we're traveling around and working as we go... and we're incorporating these learning into our lifestyle! And, not all at once... we know that it wouldn't be sustainable if we did that.

Yes, we sprout. We learned at Mark's, (well, we'd know this before), but at his event he showed how to sprout, he showed all the different things you can do... and he sells kits to do everything! We sprout here (in our Mobile home), we have one growing now... it's been 3 days, and I believe its about to start budding (or sprouting)... and we'll be able to eat it, but it just healthy living! Plus, it makes sense... you know, don't put "cardboard" or crackers or pesticides into your body... put FOOD (LIVING FOOD) and you'll be healthier, you'll have more energy!

Yes! And the interesting thing is, the variety of people... you know because the "Lunch & Learn" is a group of people... and the variety of people, the variety of conditions they've had, or their children were having, and their stories about how living this way has changed their lives, is remarkable! It just goes to show it can work for anyone, and for any condition, regardless of what you think does and doesn't work out there, there's something for you.

So yes, "Lunch & Learn" from Mark's "Energise Academy", another thing you can get involved with after that. And we were, straight away, involved in "Energise Academy"... because it's such a no-brainer. It's a LIFETIME ACCESS to knowing how, what, and where to get healthy, living food!

So, thanks again Mark! We really enjoyed a fantastic "Lunch & Learn" day with you... and advise any of you out there, if you're thinking of learning "on the go" and also enjoying that food "on the go", to find out for yourself if you like it... I've not seen anything like it before, and we've looked! And we've been followers of HEALTH generally... So thanks a lot Mark!

Yes, and it's definitely worth the time... I was speaking earlier to Miles about the time it takes to prepare healthy food, you know how people think "oh, we don't have time to prepare food, let's just just eat at a fast-food restaurant." (I won't name any, LOL!) We eat there once in a blue moon... but it's NOT food! And we will end up "paying for it" in our bodies later, if we don't take the time (to prepare healthy food).

Plus, it's fun! Get your family involved... get your kids involved in growing and preparing the food, they love this! And when they see you do it, they'll do it. Yes, it's a change, but it's worth it!

On that note, we have paid because when we've NOT had those things, (healthy food), and then gone for the odd burger or pizza... OH MY GOODNESS the next day was murder, never mind that day! We actually felt it the next day. We actually felt it :( the next day. So, it just goes to show the "healthy living lifestyle", where you introduce these things as you go... just improves your energy, improves the way you feel, improves the way you look. People comment on how you look, and how healthy you are! And it dawns on you... yes, do you know what? It's because we're living more healthily.

So, thank you for helping us on our journey, Mark, with the "Energise Academy." And if it's something that you're interested in doing, as far as trying to change your life, trying to change your health, trying to feel better or feel more energy, then we'd certainly advise going to Mark Bryant's "Lunch & Learn" which is part of his "Energise Academy"! Absolutely!

All right... See you soon...
Miles and Tamra
Online Offgrid


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