How to Recycle Waste... in Spain.


Recycling Facilities there are Brilliant!


See how Spain provides waste/garbage recycling facilities in such a refreshing way...

You will not have seen such provision as this! If you are conscientious about recycling your garbage (including plastics, glass, food waste, paper, etc.)... then it is so handy to find facilities that make it easy to do. No more so that in Spain.

Thanks for leading the way, Spain!

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To really get a gauge on just how bad the situation really is... click to watch this video also...

Here's our dialogue from the video . . .

How to Recycle Waste... in Spain. Recycling Facilities in Spain are Brilliant!

And one of the other great things about Spain is they're so up on recycling compared to a lot of the UK I know we have recycling... but just almost every couple hundred yards there's this fantastic recycle point, often even bigger, providing paper, card (cardboard), glass, and more important organics... so you can just chuck your food waste straight into this receptacle as well!

And this and this is on the beach! Here we are on a beach they're providing this facility!

So it's really really good and they've got recycle "centers" everywhere, in built-up areas they've got (about every hundred yards or so) they have recycling, including a bin for every sort single thing you might need.

It's actually fantastic!

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