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How to change your future...


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We always thought we had to plan, plan, plan to change our future...

Then it dawned on us that that "BIG VISION" future can change one step at a time until you get good at changing things on a larger scale... watch to fnd out... you can then change your future in an instant!
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Miles & Tamra
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Here's our dialogue from the video . . .

How To change your future in an instant!

Hi, Miles and Tamra from Online Offgrid...
Hello! Hope you are doing well today!

So, we had another discussion today about how we want to change our future. And we suddenly came to the conclusion, there's only one thing we had to do to change our future, and it's actually the only thing you can do... to change your future... and that is, change your now. Change what it is you are doing now, in THIS moment, even in this moment.

Something you can try as an experiment, right this minute... is if there's something you're doing that is not helping you get what you want, not helping you get where you want to be.

Then change it, right now, and see what the impact is!

Try it! LOL.

An example of that was, something real simple, right? (Yes, brilliant!) We got back into our motorhome, and I just felt tired, and a little bit lower... you know? Didn't really know why...

And I did what I have done for SO SO long, fell into one of those patterns of mine, which is basically just escaping the now. And I do that, by watching a movie. And it might be a movie that I've watched 1,000 times before... and in this instance I just thought, "Let's just watch the very first Star Trek movie." You know, I've seen it about 10 or 15 times before, and I was going to get absolutely nothing from it! And we were half way through it, and I just turned to Tamra, who I knew wasn't enjoying it anyway, thinking, "Do you know what? I'm not even getting anything from this? And, nothing is going to change, unless we change what we're doing."

And it's like that Einstein saying that people keep talking about, which is something along the links of..., "If you keep doing the same thing...", no, "The definition of insanity is to do the same thing and expect different results." LOL

Well, LOL, even though it was such a small change, what happened... it was 8pm at night, what happened was we actually had a fantastic night! We did something else that was FUN!"

Yes, it was wonderful!

We talked, we played cards... we had a deep conversation that night...!

And it led to this!

So, because we changed that NOW, our future changed. And we thought, "My goodness, what an amazing learning!"

So, what could YOU change right now? Or tomorrow? Or whenever it is... In that moment, that you're about to do something, what could you change to change your future?

And what we also discovered was... that the greater that change, the greater the impact on the future it's going to have!

And, yes it's scary sometimes but you know what? You've always survived. You've got to where you are now. So, how big of a negative change do you think it could be? IF that's what you're thinking. If you've got an objection to it, or resistance to it... It's because we have this fear of change.

Well... what if that was just a SMALL change to begin with?

Why not test it out?

Do something small... change a little now, to change a little future! And see what happens!

And, I was SO impressed with you... I was so impressed that you just stopped. You just decided one day, "I'm going to stop. I'm not going to do this." It was lovely to see that, and to watch you do that.

And, it reminded me of... years ago, I was 50 lbs overweight, and one day, I just decided at 2 in the afternoon, I wanted chocolate, MnM's (the candy), I decided to only eat ONE handful of SPINACH! And, still have my chocolate, but just try one change...


I did that, and I would then do that every day. I wouldn't cut chocolate out completely, I simply did it one step at at time... and I thought, "Today, I can make a LITTLE change."

Right! So, what you're saying is, is that doing the little change meant it's more sustainable. Because I guess if you try changing everything, it's like if you try to change your whole diet, and then suddenly...

It's a bit like the people who decide in January, "Right, that's it. I'm going to the gym 5 times per week!" It's just not sustainable... one, you have never allowed yourself that much time in your life to do that, and it's such a... change to the actual body. And the physics, and your biology... you can't do it.

So, I guess the message is, with anything, whether it's a change in your mindset, it's simply do a LITTLE BIT at a time.

Do yourself a favor, change a little now, to change a little future!

Then change a slightly bigger now, to make a bigger change in your future!

And then when you're ready, and you realize just how incredible that can be, how much better you'd feel... you can make the changing now as BIG as YOU WANT! Because you know the impact on the future its going to be... so much more rewarding!


So, there you go... there's our message for today, which is quite simple...


Miles and Tamra from Online Offgrid...

We'll speak to you again soon!

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So, we'll speak to you soon... bye for now.

Yes, AND (sorry to interrupt you), and while we're being REAL... because we see so many out there who just put a smile on their face and they SAY "this" is what they do and... "this" is the product they use... etc... BUT, it's not true.

Can I say "B.S." on this video? LOL


Anyway, that's all!

So, we'll speak to you soon!
Bye for now...

Miles & Tamra
Online Offgrid


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