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Life is just hard sometimes...




We find, much like anyone we know, that life is hard sometimes. Well, that is, until...

Until you simply adjust your perspective!
Stop hosting a "pity party"... and start living and enjoying life!
We are testing a simple rule, we have 5 minutes to "hem and haw" and "rant and rave" about something...
Then. Done. No more. Period.
Try it yourself... (and teach your children too)!
See you soon...
Tamra & Miles
Online Offgrid

Here's our dialogue from the video . . .

Life Sucks Sometimes... Until...


Hi, Miles and Tamra, Online Offgrid!

Miles: We just wanted to talk to you today about sometimes how you feel things aren't necessarily going the right way and you feel a bit low...and we thought, do you know what? We'll get real.

And do you know what? Life is sometimes a bit of a crap bucket at times... (yes, a rollercoaster) And it feels a like things aren't going well.

For instance, yesterday, we had a second flat tyre, which I think for me is my 3rd ever, in my whole life. And we've had 2 flat tyres, in our motor home in as many months... And, ok, it's only a flat tyre, but getting one changed and getting it sorted, and you don't know where you are, and you don't speak the language necessarily (or as well as you could do), and the time you loose and you have other things you have to do... And you just think, "Ohhh."

But, of course, it's such a 1st world problem... isn't it? And, we've talked at times about how (you think), "Goodness me, is that it? Flat tyre?"

And the next thing is... we've got computers, and one goes wrong... and that's how we get by, we work online, as we live offgrid, (which is a bit of a give-a-way in the name of the business we've created, LOL)... and you just think, "ohh, another thing." Because it is, 100 Euros here, 200 Euros there, it's like "Oh My Goodness." We are living a very different lifestyle, where money... we have to be very conscious of money. And we're learning to make money along the way, and this is the sort of thing we are going to be sharing as well (how we earn money)... as we do (earn it). Because making this change, in terms of a lifestyle is a big decision for one, and you have to be ready for what's going to come your way.

Tamra: And you don't know what's going to come your way, obviously... sometimes something that you thought would work out work wise, just falls through, and that's disheartening...

Or at night when I can't sleep and my mind starts thinking of all the negatives, and I've realized that more and more lately. And I think to myself, "Why do I do that? Why does my mind search for things that frustrate me, or are 'negative' things in life?"

I've been noticing this more and more and thought, "Ok, I'm going to start a gratitude journal... What am I grateful for, REALLY?" Because I've done this before, but I've simply pretended... or thought "this is what I SHOULD feel grateful for"... I haven't thought, "This really IS what I'm grateful for... I'm in Southern Spain!" No, we don't eat out every night, but we're in Southern Spain... in the winter! It's beautiful! It's peaceful!"

Miles: It's beautiful, as you can see we've got a t-shirt on, just a warmer, and it's nearly 6:00 at night... it's not even the warmest part of the day, AND we're in the shade! In the sun it's even warmer! And it's beautiful, as you can see in the background, and we're in Tarragona.

And, Tamra, you've really helped me... by looking at some of the simplest things you've been grateful for, your attitude changes almost instantly.

So, for instance, we were just sat in the motor home and I said, "Here we are, with a glass of wine, talking, in candlelight, on a lovely evening, in the South of Spain, and we know that tomorrow morning we're going to wake up with a coffee... with the 'Our World is Our Backyard Episode', in a most gorgeous, gorgeous city, like Tarragona, which has amphitheatres, and very old buildings... a century, or a millennium even."

And it's just amazing what I've learned along the way, that when you start realizing the little things that you have, then the big things don't matter so much... or what you think of the big things.

Tamra: Yes, and I've heard that since I was young... you'd hear, "Oh, it's the little things that matter." I didn't understand it, LOL, and thought, "The big things DO matter. I want a big house, and 7 cars..." But, actually, I DON'T want that, I love not having a house, because we get to choose where our backyard is... we get to say, we want it to be by this "Sea"...

And, no, it's not all rosey, it's not all perfect. Because friends and others say, "Oh, I'm jealous" and I think, "Well... it's not always rosey..."

Miles: "Yeah... if you RELALY knew what it was like..." Because you see all these videos of people having fun and it's like, "Oh, life's such a breeze all the time." Do you know what? It isn't. But it helps to remember that the breeze is sometimes blowing in your own direction too.

So, it's about taking that opportunity to realize how lucky you are and the fact that we're together! And, that we can get through anything! And, I think thats our message to anybody out there, "You know what? You've got where you are, because you've got through everything you've got through so far. So, who's to say it can't be the same thing as you go forward!?"

Tamra: Yes, and it's like our video on the Visa Application... how we got here... you can watch that, it will explain...

Miles: Oh goodness... some of the trials and tribulations, which again are (only) 1st world problems!

Tamra: Yes! And it all turned out to THIS life!

Miles: Yes, it shook our world... but it also changed our world! For the better! And, should we say, nudged us into the lifestyle we've always wanted to live. But didn't have the guts to do, I think, in my case certainly... didn't have the balls to go out and do it!

The fact is, when you get there and you do that, you're going to face those challenges and you get through those like you did any other.

So, just those little things to be grateful for in life... help you get through those troubles, (what feels like troubled times).

Miles and Tamra from Online Offgrid
Wishing you a fantastic time and please remember what you could be grateful for.

And all your fantastic friends around you can help you realize those too!

Tamra: And if they don't, get NEW friends!

Miles: Get new friends! Good advice! Good advice!

We'll speak to you soon!
Miles & Tamra
Online Offgrid


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