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Optimist or Pessimist


Which do you tend to listen to?


What the OUTCOME could have been if we had listened to the WRONG one!!

Here is classic example, that we are sure you will resonate with, where WE found out what the OUTCOME could have been if we had listened to the WRONG one!!
There are always two perspectives to choose from, to view your life, the world, and everything!
Which do YOU choose most often? :)
See you soon...
Tamra & Miles
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Here's our dialogue from the video . . .

The Optimist and The Pessimist

Hiya and Hello!

We wanted to share with you a real time... real life... story we’re calling “The Optimist and The Pessimist”!

Miles: It was something Tamra thought of doing… and the perspectives that she realized… go ahead and tell the story.

Tamra: It was so interesting, the other day we were at Francas (on the Southern Coast of Spain), just driving in one night… it was dark out… and we were looking for a place to park on the beach...

And we came up to a bridge, that I thought, “Oh, we CAN’T fit under it, with our 10 foot tall trailer mobile home…” And Miles thought, “No. Let’s just try! Let’s stop righting front of it, and look.”

After he stopped, there was one gentleman there, stood, he was actually walking his dog, but he just stood there… thin, and straight and tall and looked a little, um, “What’s the word?”

Miles: Officious! (Shall we say.)

Tamra: Yes. (Laughing.) Perfect.

Yes, and he said, he looked at it (our mobile home parked right at the beginning of the bridge) and said, “No, you won't make it.”

And, Miles had climbed onto the back to look up at the top and see if we would make it (under the bridge). The guy just kept saying, “No, you're not going to make it. It won't fit. Go around another way.”

And then another gentleman came up…

Miles: “Whoa, wait. Before we go onto the other gentleman…”

However, I had climbed up the ladder, and just done an eye check, and thought, ooohhhh, it’s inches… but it is inches… and I think we’ll make it.

So I came down the ladder to say to him, “Yes, we will make it.”

And he replied, “Well, no you won’t. And, you can’t park there.”

So he tried to come up with another reason why we SHOULDN’T go through the low bridge to the other side, where there was a beautiful, beautiful sandy bay!

Tamra: Then another gentleman came up, kind, short, nice guy, (not that that matters whether he was short or tall)…

In fact we have a picture of him, with us (in the beginning of this video!) :)
His name is Stephen. (Steven?)
So, Thank You, Stephen! You are fabulous!

So, he came up, and he looked at it (the situation), and saw what was going on, and he said, “You can make it! Just barely! Yes!”

And, in Spanish all of this is going on…
And he said, go really slow, just go really slow, I’ll help you through. But you CAN make it!

And I just stood there, watching all of this, speaking to the two gentleman in Spanish… but I just stood back and thought, “This is the SAME situation… but people looking in two completely different perspectives, looking at it…”

And I just thought, “How intriguing…” But I’ll get back to that…

So, this guy, Stephen, said, “I’ll help you!”

And Miles had said, “We can make it! Just slow…"

So Miles got into the Mobile home to continue driving, and the guy… he went back (under the bridge), and he kept looking, and with one hand he said “Stop” and with the other hand he would motion for us to drive, REALLY REALLY SLOW.

And he helped us through the entire way (below the bridge), and he told us where to park, and he said, “I have a caravan… just park right by this boat… there’s free parking! You can park here (in one specific place), you can’t park in another spot… he said this is the most FABULOUS place to park! It is BEAUTIFUL!”

He was SO kind, and giving and generous, and positive! It was just amazing!

Afterwards, after we got through (below the bridge) and we parked, I sat back and thought, “What an amazing LIFE LESSON, that we can all choose! Well, I can choose, I’ll talk about me… I can choose how to look at ANY situation! Through positive eyes, or negative… I thought, how brilliant is that, I got to see that, and witness that, and remember that, every day.”

Miles: Yes, and the added lesson of why is it even worth looking at the optimist point of view?

Well, we ended up parking there for three nights, (it was GORGEOUS), and found THE BEST bay on the south coast of Spain that we’ve found anywhere. For a gorgeous, private beach, beautiful developments, not overpopulated… NOT over commercialized… it was absolutely gorgeous! Exquisite buildings to walk through! It was like a maze to walk through… we have pictures! We’ll put them up, so you can see, the place was just gorgeous! The lovely little alleyways that go through the complex… right by this private area.

So, the lesson learned was, because this guy said, “Of course you can! Of course you can park here! Yes, they say that, but it’s out of season, you can park where you want! I’ve got my own camper van.”

It opened up that he was another mobile homeowner, and… he lived life the way he wanted to live it. He didn’t let things get in the way.

Look at the outcome! We ended up in the MOST IDYLLIC place, next to a gorgeous marina!

And, had we not done that, we’d have missed out on that, got back on the road, and tried to find somewhere else that night.

So THANKS Stephen for your help! And for giving us a wonderful life lesson!
Muchas Gracias!

Tamra: And then, a few days later we saw him, and insisted on we take a picture with him! LOL

He was SO kind, and he lives there. He lives in this gorgeous town, and he was welcoming enough to say… “No, come join us! Come see the town! You can park here also!” It was just SO lovely to meet someone SO kind!

Miles: Absolutley! So this was the outcome of what we got to experience, but also the uplifting nature of how some people can be!

And the message here to you is… and it was to us, is how do you look at things when you see something come up that could be to potentially be perceived as a challenge? A challenge is that actually an opportunity and when you see past it, and get through it, break through it, what’s on the other side?

Is it worth it? Because if it isn’t worth it… nothing lost. But if you didn’t… then nothing gained.

Tamra: Ohhh… and, the best part of the story, that Miles just reminded me of…

Miles: “Oh, am I to tell it?” Ok…

So the best part was that he mentioned that the guy was just edging us forward, edging us forward… and we thought, “Why is he being so cautious? I've checked it it looks good to me!”

And it wasn’t until afterwards that he said to us, well we said to him, “So was it close?”

He literally said, it was that much (TWO FINGERS) between the top of the van, and the underside of the bridge at the point we had to come through.

So, he was doing this from afar, just saying, “Yes. Yes. You are alright…”

Bit by bit.


And what it made us realize also is sometimes you are just THAT FAR (two fingers) away from getting to where you want to be.

And sometimes you just have to push it that much further (two fingers), and all the rest of it, is just that little gap.

Sometimes you have to fit yourself through to get to where you want to be.

So, we just wanted to add that.

Tamra: And, I’ve just thought of something else brilliant…
Also to NOT LISTEN to people, when they say, “No. You can’t.”
You touched on that a little… but if someone says, “No you can’t…”

You saw that we could, or we should at least try!It’s our lives! And I’m SO glad we did that! (We pushed through.)

Miles: Yes. And, do you know… a thing you could even say to the person who says to you, that you can’t…
Just say, “Yeah, but what if we could?”

See what their answer is to that one! Because you’ll probably completely throw them, and then they'll come up with the positive side of what we possibly could do if you could.

So, there you go!
Just in addition to that, we thought that might help as well!

Bye for now! Chow!
Tamra & Miles
Online Offgrid


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