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Apple Macbook
Laptop Car Chargers

90/110W Laptop Car Charger

Cigarette Lighter/ Convenience Outlet 12V Socket
Laptop Charger Port PLUS 2 x USB slots
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First things first... is this the right charger specification you are looking for?
Which Laptops this charger can charge

The GISSARAL GISCCA-AM2 110W Laptop Car Charger is designed for charging the 2012 to 2015 Retina MacBook Pro MacBook Air and MacBook range of laptops using the MagSafe 2 Connector (image below).

Charger ports are designed to support:

Laptop Charger outlet with MagSafe2 connector compatibility overview:

  • Mid-2012 to 2015 MacBook Pro 13 inch (A1425, A1502)*
  • Early-2013 to Mid-2015 15 inch Macbook Pro (non-Retina and Retina)*

* SEE “Full model number listing” below to see all models this charger is designed for.

Dual USB Ports Charger for:

There are two USB ports able to supply 4 amps between the two (i.e. max 2 amps via each USB port):

  • Apple Devices
  • New MacBook 12 Retina A1534 (5V 3A USB to Type C only)
  • iPad Mini (All)
  • iPad Air (All)
  • iPad (All)
  • iPhone (All).
  • USB C devices.
  • Android Devices
  • ChromeBook
  • Pixel Nexus
  • Android smartphones
  • Android tablets
  • USB C devices.
Overview of review/test parameters:

I have conducted extensive testing of this laptop charger, amongst several in-car charger devices for laptops and USB devices, in multiple vehicle 12 volt cigarette socket outlets, including car and van cigarette lighter 12 volt sockets and ‘convenience’ 12 volt sockets elsewhere within the vehicle.

I have tested them with power supplied by the vehicle’s main battery, by alternator*, and same specification sockets in a motorhome/caravan, in this case powered by leisure battery with and without solar.

Apple Laptop Models tested: Macbook Air 13 inch, Mid 2012, which usually uses a mains power 45W charger; Macbook Pro 15 inch Retina, Mid 2014, which usually uses a mains power 85W charger.


*NOTE - i.e. alternator power refers to power generated when engine is running and its generator (alternator) is delivering approximately 14 volts to charge the car/van battery and to provide power at a regulated voltage to cigarette lighter ‘convenience’ 12 volt sockets within the vehicle).

GISSARAL-AM2 - 90W Charger MagSafe2 Plug - OnlineOffgrid - Product Best Buy Reviews NO-BS
GISSARAL-AM2 - 90W Charger Dimensions - OnlineOffgrid - Product Best Buy Reviews NO-BS
Overview of Product:

I have found this device to work really well (I say that because others I have tested other model devices of varying qualities (see here charger 1, charger 2 link). Some other model devices have either not worked at all (i.e. faulty on arrival), not worked well to power certain laptops which demand more power due to higher specs and/or software used, or worked for a week or two and then stopped working completely.

The GISSARAL GISCCA-AM2 is both reliable and sturdy. It has a nice design and actually looks quite an expensive and quality product, as you will see from the photos. It fits securely in the socket receptacle (not loose like some that can then loose the connection) and because of its shape and weight, neither ‘dangles’ nor ‘wiggles’ by hand when in place**. It  does it fall out, even in an upside down, ceiling mounted motorhome socket receptacle!

** NOTE - a secure fit in the receptacle is imperative. Laptops take a lot more power than devices like smart phones and the electrical connection to the contact points are essential for delivering that power and to prevent overheating.

OnlineOffgrid - Product Best Buy Reviews NO-BS - PRO's and CON's
OnlineOffgrid - Product Best Buy Reviews NO-BS - PRO's
  • Sturdy, solid build
  • Secure fitting in 12 volt receptacle
  • Nice design with 'brushed aluminium' surround
  • Wide variety of laptops (see full model and type listings below)
  • 18 month Warranty
OnlineOffgrid - Product Best Buy Reviews NO-BS - CON's
  • Highest in price bracket
    (though at prices from £36 is hardly only £15-£20 ($20 to $25 more expensive)
  • Slightly heavier than other models

18-month warranty and provide friendly, easy-to-reach support.


£36.99 with FREE Delivery in the UK on THIS link…

OnlineOffgrid - Product Best Buy Reviews NO-BS - Comparisons

Typically other models offering similar specifications and laptop range charged, ONLY offered 3 Month warranty.

NOTE: The model number of your Laptop is printed in very small lettering, on the underneath of the outer casing.  

MacBook Air 11 inch or 13 inch(All Version) Magsafe 2 Retina or Magsafe:

A1465 A1466: MJVM2LL/A MJVP2LL/A MJVE2LL/A MJVG2LL/A MD760LL/B or MD761LL/B MD760LL/A or MD761LL/A MD231LL/A or MD232LL/A MD711LL/B or MD712LL/B MD711LL/A or MD712LL/A MD223LL/A or MD224LL/A A1369 A1370: MC965LL/A or MC966LL/A MC503LL/A or MC504LL/A MC968LL/A or MC969LL/A MC505LL/A or MC506LL/A A1237 A1304:MC233LL/A MC234LL/A MB543LL/A MB940LL/A: MB003LL/A or Z0FS

MacBook Pro 13 inch, 15 inch or 17 inch (All Versions that use Magsafe or Magsafe 2 Including Retina:

A1502 A1398 A1425: MJLQ2*/A or MJLT2*/A MF839*/A or MF840*/A or MF841*/A MGX72*/A or MGX82*/A or MGX92*/A, MGXA2*/A or MGXC2*/A ME293*/A or ME294*/A ME864*/A, ME865*/A or ME866*/A ME664*/A, ME665*/A or ME698*/A ME662*/A, ME663*/A or ME697*/A MC975*/A or MC976*/A MD212*/A or MD213*/A MC975*/A or MC976*/A

A1278 A1286 A1297: MD103 or MD104 MD101 or MD102 MD311 MD318 or MD322 MD313 or MD314 MC725 MC721 or MC723 MC700 or MC724 MC024 MC371 MC372 or MC373 MC374 or MC375 MC226 MC118 MB985 MB986 or MC226 MB990 or MB991 MacBook 13 inch A1342 A1278 A1181 MC516 MC207 MC240 MB881 MB466 or MB467 MB402*/B MB402 MB403 or MB404 MB061*/B MB062*/B or MB063*/B MB061 MB062 or MB063 MA699 MA700 or MA701 MA254 MA255 or MA472 MA541LLA-B or MA566LL/A

Technical Specifications of the GISSARAL GISCCA-AM2 110W Laptop Car Charger

DC Type: C

Quality & Safety
  • DC Port output 90W (Max 20V 4.5A)
  • Dual USB Ports output 20W (Max 5V 4A)
Size & Weight:
  • Ultra Small size: 3.0 × 1.8 × 1 (Inch)
5 (Oz).
  • Product Dimensions: 7.6 x 2.5 x 4.6 cm ; 141 g
  • Boxed-product Weight: 240 g
  • Charging Technology:

    Detects your device to deliver its fastest possible charge speed up to 4.5 amps with the DC Port and up to 3 amps per USB port or 4.0 amps through two ports.

    GISSARAL-AM2 - 90W Charger-in-the-Box - OnlineOffgrid - Product Best Buy Reviews NO-BS
    Would you like to take a look at this on Amazon?
    More customer reviews and info is available by clicking the link below:

    Best Buy NO B.S. Review - Gissaral GISCCA-AM2 Laptop Car Charger

    Hi I'm Miles from Online Off-grid and we've found a GREAT Best Buy product review for you. Today we are reviewing the car charger 12 volt socket charger for the laptop, and the one we're showing you today is the Gissaral 90 watt car charger. And it's just a box that comes with a very very small… nice and compact… and also you can probably tell from the video here, it’s a pretty good quality looking device.

    It's very solid, it's not heavy but it's got a weight to it, so it this actually feels solid. Now, what it comes with is a cable in this case we're testing it with MacBook Apple laptops, so it comes with a special type connector that goes into the middle connector of the adapter and it then goes in this case to a MagSafe 2.

    Now, you'll see I'm going to be talking about which computers, which laptops that Apple provides, that this charger is designed to charge… So, first of all, a couple key features about this product is it has three attachments… so one for a laptop in this case as I said to the MagSafe 2 connector, and you'll see two USB slots.

    Now the important thing about the two USB slots is that it can handle about 2 amps if they're both used at the same time. And to give you an understanding what that means… is that the newer Apple devices and newer smartphones are able to charge on a faster charge setting. (Some of the older ones going back to iPhone 5 and before are only set to like a 1 amp setting, so they only need a slow charge.)

    So this can handle those higher fast charges! Plus the manufacturer claims this to be a fast charge device in terms of laptops as well. Now one of the key things about these chargers, of course, is how does it fit into the 12 volt socket? Now here you will see a standard car 12 volt cigarette lighter socket. And one of the most important things about these is just how solid is the fit? So if I push this into the cigarette lighter socket you'll see… it does wiggle slightly. But it is fairly solid. Some of the more modern cigarette lighter sockets are much better they're slightly deeper so you do get a pretty good fit.

    And to demonstrate what isn't a good fit you'll see that I've got another device here, (albeit not for laptops), but it is a USB charger and you'll notice that this really does waggle around to the point where it'll go off… the green “charging indicator” light will go off and you have to make sure you keep pushing it back in.

    So you want to make sure that the adapter that you purchase in this case is the right fit, the connections are good, the pins are in the right places… to get the the best connection. And here's the reason why it's so important… for charging laptops it takes a lot… a lot more power. A lot more power! And in some cases three or four times as much power as it takes to charge a mobile phone.

    It's incredibly important that these contacts here (on either side of the charger) which is where the power is delivered, have a really good secure fit in the socket. Once you've got that you're going to be much LESS LIKELY to find that (1) it jiggles and comes out and doesn't charge at all, and (2) which is actually more important… is that it doesn't end up overheating, because if you get a really bad connection and still try to deliver all that power, it can overheat and cause issues.

    Let's now go and look at the laptops and the way this works once it's plugged in! Here are the test parameters that we provided for the Gissaral AM2 adapter, which is the 90 watt charge of firm laptops in this case the Apple series of laptops… And first of all, what I've done here is pulled out a typical socket to use for a cigarette light or in this case as you probably notice we're in the motor home in the caravan section in the motor home, just to show you this tested on different types of sockets.

    We've tested it in the front of the vehicle on the standard dashboard mounted cigarette lighter socket… both with the engine not running (which means it's only coming from the battery) and with the engine running so you've got more charge coming from the alternator which is the engines generator to charge its own battery. It also provides power to the convenience sockets and the cigarette lighter sockets you have in the dashboard. Now in this case, this is a socket that's in the motor home, which means it's powered by a leisure battery (that's a completely separate battery to the one the vehicle uses and it's usually slightly larger and has a longer life and it gives power in a smoother process).

    The other thing you can test (as we have done) is with solar power… so if you've got a solar system as well that's charging that battery you can check this out on your solar to find out if you can handle that power, and even if you have something like a wind generator that's another way of providing a power source to the socket. So, once again with this cigarette lighter standard receptacle you want to make sure you got a nice secure fit, and as you can see it's a really good secure fit. The contact is good, which is so imperative, as mentioned before, that the contact is really good. And you'll see that a green LED light now is emitting there, just to denote the fact that it's connected to a power source… and that the power source is good enough for charging it.

    Now, the other thing we're going to be showing you here, are the laptops that we're going to be testing. So first of all , you'll see here in this list there are a vast array of Apple laptop models that this charger is designed to charge with this 90 watt setting. So just two in the range here (that we are testing)… one is an Apple Macbook Air, 13-inch, mid-2012, and it's model number is A1466; and we've got here a MacBook Pro, 15 inch, Retina, which is a mid 2014, and it's model number is A1398.

    But as I say there's a list there for you to go through the whole vast array of model numbers to make sure it matches the one that you have. And typically when you buy these, you get the white, Apple charger that comes with it and for a 15-inch MacBook Pro or Retina or otherwise, the charger is usually an 85 watt setting; and the 13 inch MacBook Airs, are typically a 45 watt charger.

    It means that when you are looking for a charge of this nature you want to make sure that you get something that does denote that it has a 90 watt minimum setting if your going to have a Macbook like this. Another thing to know is, of course, when your MacBook is charged obviously it uses less power than when this charger is charging the battery as well as running the Machine.

    It is important to make sure that the power that's coming to this adaptor is enough to drive the Machine (computer) to give the power to charge and run your machine. Ok so, those are the test parameters that's what we're testing and what you'll find here is that the green light (on the front of the charger), it will change colour once this is plugged into the laptop. It comes with the standard MagSafe 2 connector, which has got that LED on it too, which as you'll remember goes green when you first plug it into your computer; and stays green if the battery is charged; and changes to orange if the battery is charging.

    On the other end of this cable is the unique connector for this particular charger… so that end just plugs into the front of the charger, in between the 2 USB sockets which can be used for smart devices, and as soon as the other end is plugged into the laptop, you'll see that it first of all goes green, as standard, and then wanted detects that needs charging, it has now flicked to orange. And also you'll see on the charger itself the LED has gone from green to red to denote that it's charging and that it's handling the power.

    Ok, so there you go! That's the Gissaral AM2, 90/110 watt charger! Now here are some of the pros and cons about this… first of all it's a solid design, it's a very nice design as well… it doesn't look cheap and flimsy like some of them the other chargers do. And the other really good thing about this product is.. which shows real confidence by the manufacturer, is that it has an 18 month warranty!

    Now, typically, others we've tested… as you'll see in other reviews that we've done here, (and we'll show you some links to other charges for 12 volt sockets), you'll see that some of them only have three month warranties, and have very different characteristics about them, which will help you to determine which one you want to purchase.

    This one is at the upper range of the price brackets, however at £35 or £36 pounds, which is around about €40 or €45 euros, or even $40 or $45 dollars, it's not an awful lot to give you that complete access to power, even when you're off-grid… to be able to power your devices.

    Those are the pros… And the only con I can think of is that there are cheaper, less expensive chargers out there… but like most things, “you get what you pay for!” So that's the Gissaral AM2, 90 watt laptop charger, in this case designed to charge the Apple laptops that you've seen listed. And, we’ll be back with more product reviews to help you get “The Best Buy!” See you later, Online Offgrid

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